Most popular posts last week: Galleria protest led, Sports Attic lot to be parking lot

A post on the police report of the protest at the Galleria after the Stockley verdict was the most popular last week.

The top 10:

  1. Richmond Heights Police reports on Galleria protest, disputes account of woman’s arrest
  2. Maplewood woman dies in car crash
  3. In the news: Stockley verdict protests, Olympia Taverna, Gina Mitten
  4. Former Sports Attic lot set to be parking lot; fire cause still “undetermined”
  5. Maplewood History: What Was In That Building On The Corner?
  6. Pet shop shop dog has died
  7. Maplewood officials OK Airbnb, police car cams
  8. 21-year-old game designer has Kickstarter for new game
  9. Brentwood seeking chief of police
  10. ‘Monkey Business’ custard shop planned in Brentwood: mayor is the owner

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