MRH 6th-grader raises funds for critical thinking

Twelve-year-old MRH Elementary student Jacob Cummings wanted to learn more about how to increase critical thinking in kids, his mother, Anne Cummings said.

A teacher of his, Casey Tuths, the MRHE sixth grade language arts teacher, has instituted the “Genius Hour” curriculum. The kids must ask a question based on a passion they have, research it, create a plan that supports their passion and then communicate the results of their work with others, Cummings said.

This inspired Jacob to set up a GoFundMe page with another teacher, Sarah Shondelmeyer, to raise money for a Critical Thinking MakerSpace at MRH Elementary.

All the money raised in the fund raiser will be used for materials for the MakerSpace, the GoFundMe page says — supplies such as wood working materials, electronic components, crafting items and coding instructions will be purchased.

From the GoFundMe campaign, written by Shondelmeyer.

“Jacob has done much research on today’s learners. He feels strongly, and we agree, this MakerSpace will help push the critical thinking skills of the students at MRH to better their learning.  Also, this space will evoke more interest and engagement in the learning environment.

“We are a district that is constantly evolving.  Our staff works tirelessly to do what is best for kids. This is what is at the forefront of our hearts and minds as we work.”

Jacob was also involved in a lemonade stand that raised $1,700 to save The Book House.

Anne Cummings was touched by her son’s project because he’ll never use it. “He’s doing this, knowing that he’s heading for the middle school. As a mom, it’s hard to point to just one thing that makes me proud, but this selfless act really touches my heart.”

See the GoFundMe campaign.


Jacob Cummings in class at MRH Elementary.

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  1. Jacob truly is an inspiration. Please visit the page to read a little more about his vision for the Makerspace project. Donate if you can! Thanks, all!