MRH ECC work on schedule; upscale apartments go up

Work on the new Maplewood Richmond Heights kindergarten and improved ECC is on schedule to be completed by the start of school in the fall, 2017, according to MRH.

Funds for the construction came from the passage of Proposition K in April 2015.

Photos were taken on May 2.

Rendering of completed MRH ECC

A few blocks from the ECC, construction progresses on the Sunnen Market Apartments on Hanley Station Road. The apartments will include 58 1-bedroom and 174 2-bedroom apartments with rent ranging from $1,000 to $1,600 per month. Cozad Commercial Real Estate is the developer.


6 thoughts on “MRH ECC work on schedule; upscale apartments go up

  1. What exactly is that building that is being built? My neighbor has kids at the Maplewood Richmond Heights elementary and early child hood center (ECC) and she just told me she found out from a teacher at ECC that they are not building a new preschool. I said what? that is what I voted for! The main ECC building has kindergarten and 1st grade and a separate preschool in a newer section. I voted for funds to build a new preschool, but that is not what is being built! Our understanding is that a new preschool was going to allow the kindergarten to move out of the main ECC building and into the preschool space to make room for the 2nd grade to come to ECC starting next school year instead of being at the elementary school. I am so confused by this . I do not really know who to ask about it. I am also very angry because I did not know about this and I feel that officials are not telling those of us who voted for it. My neighbor did not even know and her kid goes to the ECC! She did not want to talk to the school because she said she did not want to seem like an angry mom. But I told her that I am not intimidated like that anymore, I do not have kids in school anymore and someone needs to explain what’s happening to this angry grandma!

    • I would suggest you speak to someone in the MRH district to ensure you have correct information.

      • Taken from that link above, it said that Mrh would build a new preschool “retrofit the District’s current preschool space into kindergarten classrooms” and “The new two-story building will feature eight-ten homeroom classrooms, atelier classrooms, and space for Parents as Teachers activities. It will be built on the current ECC parking lot at 2801 Oakland Avenue in Maplewood. The project will include approximately 15,000 square feet of new and retrofitted educational space.”

        I do not believe that is what is actually being built. It is very confusing.

        • Maybe you should go wonder onto the construction site and let the contractors know that they’re current building doesn’t look like how you expected it.

      • Based on a conversation with several teachers there, the information is that they are NOT building a new pre-school building. The already built pre-school building is STILL going to be the pre-school building. The new construction will add to the pre-school and some additional rooms, I do not know what type. I was never rude or disrespectful about this, all I said from the start was that I heard that the construction plan we voted in favor for is actually NOT being done. I feel that it is perfectly fair for me and for other citizens here to at least be very confused if not worse.