MRH Farmers Market rivaled many in town

Last week Seed-to-Table teachers, Chef Almut Marino (ECC), Melissa Breed-Parks (Middle School) and her students, and High School Chef Robert Rusan and his Teen Cusine Team collaborated with the students of the Maplewood ECC make a wonderful and professional Farmers Market.
MRH Farmers Market

Kale and Asian GreensThe weather was sunny and students sold everything from flower bouquets and herbs, to tomato plants, kale and other vegtables.Live music was provided by Mr. Pentecost and spring and summer themed arts and crafts were also sold, (including laminate flower bookmarks, beautiful stepping stones for your garden, and other items), and popcorn and lemonade was available as well.


French Breakfast Radishes

ECC_Sales_HelpersI was amazed and how professional and knowledgable all of the students were about all the herbs and vegtables they were selling.Professional Produce Seller - Only 7

The same day Maplewood was also involved in setting a new Guiness World record on Friday, for the most participants in a cooking lession in a 24-hour period (mulitple venues).

Both events were part of a world-wide celebration of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day (this is their 3rd year participating).

Market Music - Mr PentecostThe MRH Seed to Table program is a unique program that provides a child-centered environment that helps our students learn from the natural world around them.


It helps promote sustainability, teach respect for nature and the environment, first hand principals of organic gardening and much more!



BannerThanks to Jennifer K Thompson Photography for the great photos!

-Robert Chandler (Maplewood Blogger / Owner CAT Computers)

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