MRH admin position eliminated

The position of the Maplewood Richmond Heights High School director of alternative services and student activities (which included the duties of athletic director) has been eliminated in the 2016-17 fiscal year starting on July 1, according to an email from the district to 40 South News.


Dennis Love

The position was most recently held by Dennis Love, who was hired as the high school assistant principal in 2012. The high school assistant principal position was eliminated in July 2015.

According to the district, the cut is part of efforts to reduce expenses and restructure duties.

According to the district:

Amber Jordan, physical education/health teacher in the high school will take on the extra duty of athletic director in addition to her teaching position. Middle School Assistant Principal John McCabe will continue to work as an assistant principal in the high school.

The district has eliminated and/or reorganized three administrative positions in past years resulting in annual savings over $300,000 including salaries and benefits. This includes the elimination of one high school assistant principal position and the athletics director position in July 2015.

Correction: This post previously stated that Love was the high school assistant principal, but that position was eliminated last year.



3 thoughts on “MRH admin position eliminated

  1. Having 2 jobs is the new normal. Just ask Amber.
    Let’s do this: The person that eliminated a job, is the one who takes over the job that he eliminates and his own.