MRH principal set to live aboard aircraft carrier

Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School Principal Mike Dittrich has been chosen by the U.S. Navy Recruiting Command to spend two days aboard the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier off the coast near San Diego, California, MRH reports.

It’s under the Navy program called Embark Experiences, where educators, business men and women, and community leaders see firsthand the capabilities of Naval aviation.

For about 36 hours, Dittrich will get an up-close look at flight operations, tour the ship and learn about the equipment, while rubbing shoulders with the men and women who work aboard the ship.

A Navy spokesman says lack of awareness among youth of what Navy life and work are like, is one of the single biggest obstacles they face. The Embark program is meant to inform and inspire influencers of how the Navy can overcome that.

In a preflight posting to Facebook, Dittrich wrote, “Bags are packed and I’m sitting at the airport. Ready for this opportunity of a lifetime to begin. USS Carl Vinson and its dedicated troops, here I come! Honored to be a US Naval Forces Distinguished Visitor.”

On Twitter, at about noon on Wednesday, he said, “Can’t lie, I’m kind of nervous.”

USS Carl Vinson, via Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “MRH principal set to live aboard aircraft carrier

  1. This is awesome! My son is in the Navy and he really likes it. He was deployed on the Carl Vinson a couple of years ago, and now he is on the USS Roosevelt. He did go to MRH for a few years.

  2. Great experience, I’m a Navy Vet, USS Enterprise and USS Ranger.. 78/79.. the Flight deck is the most dangerous job in the world.. I hope he gets the real deal.. and reports accordingly