MRH resolves ‘Educational Equity and Social Justice’

The MRH Board of Education on February 16 unanimously approved the “Resolution on Educational Equity and Social Justice.”  It was announced at the annual MRH Soul Food Supper celebrating Black History Month on February 22 and was posted on the MRH website on Thursday.

Resolution: Educational Equity and Social Justice

WHEREAS, the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District (MRH) is known throughout St. Louis, the State of Missouri, and beyond, as a shining example of inclusiveness and diversity.

WHEREAS, the mission of MRH is to “inspire and prepare students as leaders, scholars, stewards, and citizens for a diverse and changing world.”

WHEREAS, we continue to be mindful of our rich history as it affects our institutional viability and vitality.

WHEREAS, we recognize that public education can both enhance individuals and strengthen communities.

WHEREAS, we believe in fostering equity, inclusion, tolerance, dignity, and equal rights for ALL students, staff, families, and community members.

WHEREAS, we believe that ALL people – regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, sexual orientation and/or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or any other individual characteristic – deserve to be respected and appreciated.

WHEREAS, we seek to overcome the social, cultural, and educational barriers that members of our diverse population may experience through advocacy, community engagement, and professional development.

WHEREAS, we believe we must directly confront issues of diversity and social justice in order to alleviate the inequitable practices and outcomes these issues spawn.

WHEREAS, we believe by working together we can create a better life for each other and ourselves.

Therefore BE IT RESOLVED, the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Board of Education on this 16th day of February 2017 will continue to vigorously support ALL of our students, staff, families, and community members and continue to enrich the lives of children and provide the foundation for their many future successes in life.

Nelson Mitten, President
Katie Kaufmann, Vice President
Wesley Robb, Treasurer
Maria Langston, Secretary
Rev. Ralph Posley, Director
Francis Chmelir, Director
Ray Crader, Director


5 thoughts on “MRH resolves ‘Educational Equity and Social Justice’

    • It’s absolutely correct that a public school must accept students in its district. This proclamation indicates that the board did not find it adequate to stop at acceptance, though. It is a statement regarding equity in access and treatment with an implicit commitment to accommodations as needed once a student has been accepted. I am proud of our school board for thoroughly expressing its understanding that diverse students face disparate circumstances and that the district will meet them where they are to foster their growth and success.

  1. I think this just codified what has always been the attitude at MRH. Especially now when there seems to be a lot of hate and divisiveness, I appreciate MRH’s commitment to each of it’s students. I love the inclusiveness of MRH.

  2. It would seem to me that is what they should have always been doing,did they have to have this proclamation to make it happen , if so I fell sad for MRH school district because I thought that’s what they had always tried to do.

    • They did always have a non discrimination policy, but due to the recent political climate, they wanted to reaffirm to the community their dedication to serving all people. It’s fantastic and we should be extremely great full to the district for reiterating their inclusive policies.