MRH student hit by car at Manchester and Big Bend

A Maplewood Richmond Heights High School student was hit by a car while crossing the intersection of Big Bend and Manchester Tuesday morning, according to a letter sent to parents from the high school and middle school principals.

The letter states that at approximately 7:55 a.m. the student was hit by a car turning onto Manchester. A Central Office administrator and the MRH crossing guard at the intersection witnessed the accident and immediately called 911.

Maplewood emergency personnel arrived quickly and attended to the student. In addition, multiple MRH personnel arrived to assist. A witness said MRH Superintendent Karen Hall was there.

The student was completely alert and did not appear to have any visible injuries, but as a precaution was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for further evaluation.

The letter states that the initial investigation by police comprises multiple witnesses including the driver, crossing guard, and student. Preliminary indications are that the student tried to cross the intersection while the car had a green arrow and the crosswalk light indicated for pedestrians to not cross.

“Safety is a top priority at MRH and we encourage all parents and guardians to remind children to obey all traffic lights, use and follow crosswalk signals, and adhere to directions from the crossing guards. Additionally, it is imperative that all drivers in the MRH community are aware of pedestrians crossing our many busy streets,” the letter states.

8 thoughts on “MRH student hit by car at Manchester and Big Bend

  1. I go through that intersection everyday (heading South on Big Bend) and I have seen at least 3 kids almost get hit this school year alone! Same issue–East Bound on Manchester drivers making a left onto Big Bend having near misses with kids who are not looking at the walk signs or crossing guard. I think 2 times it was the same kid, on his bike, just zipping along never slowing down at the corner. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the school district to have someone sit and observe unannounced for several mornings parked in one of the businesses… maybe documenting what (and who) they are seeing doing what. (Or maybe the police should set up for a week or so, stopping kids who aren’t paying attention) For all the worries of the QT before it went up…the problem is kids being kids and that intersection would be the same with or without the QT

  2. The student was crossing on the south side on Manchester and was running across the cross walk while northbound traffic was making a left turns into west bound Manchester. The student was hit by the fourth car in the turning lane. As a witness the driver was at no fault, the student ran right into the car as traffic was moving.

    This had nothing to do with QT.

    • It was student crossing against the light related.
      Sometimes being a top low-income urban school just isn’t enough and a little “walk/don’t walk” training is necessary.

  3. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen students .. even the CROSSING GUARD .. almost hit by vehicles in that intersection…including a Metro Bus turning south onto Big Bend from westbound Manchester. The crossing guard was clearly in the middle of the Big Bend crosswalk displaying his STOP sign, students legally crossing and the bus just came barreling through anyway~!!~ And my sightings were before the QT was built on that corner. Scary stuff~!!~

    • You’re right, MiMi. As some of you know, I was a crossing guard for MRH at that intersection last year, and some drivers seemed to think that the STOP sign I held up, and the whistle I blew – while helping students cross safely – didn’t apply to them. But also, everyday, there were some students (and others) who crossed against the lights – sometimes in a risky manner, and when anyone would jaywalk, we crossing guards didn’t go out into the intersection and put ourselves at risk as well.

  4. I was taking my son to the MRH early education center and witnessed the accident. It was a scary moment and I hope the student is uninjured. The student was crossing when they should not have been. That said the driver while the driver did stop they were visible aggravated and did not get out of the vehicle to check to see if the student was injured. Perhaps they were in shock at what happened but that is what I observed. Additionally another student did everything you shouldn’t do when someone is struck by a vehicle. The crossing guard should have stopped this student from “examining” the student that got hit by the car. I know things happen quickly but when someone is in an accident like they should not be moved around or have their head and neck manipulated by non EMS personal. I’m sure the student was just trying to help. Perhaps the crossing guards should have some training on how to react to an injury like this. Maybe they do and the crossing guard was just in shock. But when someone is struck by a vehicle they should have someone moving them around and should remain still until a trained professional can get to the scene and insure there is no serious injury.