MRH students see ‘Hamilton’ for $10

A group of Maplewood Richmond Heights High School students went to see ‘Hamilton’ at the Fox on Wednesday. Here’s what MRH said about it.

Fifteen students from the Maplewood Richmond Heights Student Success Center and the SAGE program became the envy of many on Wednesday morning, as they boarded a bus bound for the Fox Theatre in St. Louis.

A unique educational program that debuted at “Hamilton” on Broadway continued in St. Louis [on Wednesday] when 3,900 students and teachers from 42 high schools nationwide attended a matinee performance of the smash Broadway musical.

The program provided students the opportunity to experience the musical after having spent weeks in their classrooms studying history through a special curriculum about Alexander Hamilton and the nation’s Founding Fathers.

In addition to seeing a performance of “Hamilton,” students took part in a Q&A with members of the cast. Some of the students also performed an original work they created based on their classroom studies – songs, rap, poetry, scenes, monologues – on the Fox stage.

As for the famously expensive tickets, the show’s producers made the tickets for this educational partnership available for $70. Subtracting sizable subsidies by the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation and the Steward Family Foundation, each student paid just $10.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.

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MRH students who saw ‘Hamilton’ on Wednesday. photo via MRH

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