MSD work uncovers streetcar tracks

A business owner with an office at Manchester and Bellevue, where MSD is installing new underground pipes, noticed some old streetcar tracks a few inches below street level, and took a photo.

MSD spokesperson Sean Hadley says the work is on schedule — it’s set to take about a month.

Streetcar tracks uncovered at Manchester and Bellevue.

From a post by Doug Houser: This view of Harper’s pharmacy and the first Bettendorf’s store was taken in the 1940’s judging by the automobiles. I found this on the Facebook page called Vintage St. Louis.

6 thoughts on “MSD work uncovers streetcar tracks

  1. Just think how Maplewood would be truly distinctive and stand out if these were still in existence. I know I really enjoyed riding the streetcars when visiting San Francisco. That’s one of the problems with living in the Midwest. Little creativite and forethought.

  2. I am fairly sure that the last time Manchester was repaved, they removed the old pavement and then just paved over the old trolley tracks. It would easy to verify with one of those metal detectors that people use to search for coins.

  3. I remember riding them in the 50’same to go downtown to ride on the Admiral. Caught it at the corner of Manchester and Sutton