Multiple car windows shot out in Brentwood

Car were targeted in Brentwood Saturday night, the same night that approximately 20 car windows in Maplewood were apparently shot with a pellet gun.

Twenty-one cars were hit on Louis, Ruth, Helen and Florence avenues in Brentwood between 1 and 3 a.m. on Sunday according to Brentwood Chief of Police Dan Fitzgerald.

He said some had windows shattered, some had holes in the windows — shot with a pellet gun. Nothing was taken from any of the cars. The department has no leads.

Fitzgerald said they were told that cars in Clayton and Maplewood were also hit.




5 thoughts on “Multiple car windows shot out in Brentwood

    • Yep, victims PO’d, quality of life diminished.
      And once caught, the idiots who did this will have criminal charges that follow them through life.

  1. SO ! What does cars in Clayton and Maplewood have to do with cars in Brentwood ? I know it’s hard, very hard to catch the people doing this. My car window was shot out in the City of St. Louis. When I tried to get the Police to come by, I was told all the cars were out on other calls. Then to top this off, they ask me, do you have insurance ? Yes I do, $ 1000. deductible. So as you can see, I will be paying 100% of this crime. I must say, it was my fault driving in the Ciry of St Louis in the first place and then, parking my car on there streets after 7pm.
    I will just add Brentwood to the NO GO list after dark. What has happened to our cities ? Sad, so sad. Maybe, after the five City’s Fire Depts join together as one, we can get the Police to do the same. More cars, same number of car windows shot out the numbers will look better. See, I fixed this problem with a few key strokes. Why don’t the city’s add more street lights? One Policer Officer per car. ALL Police cars on the street after dark. Even the unmarked cars out driving the high crime areas. I know, how will this help? Well it’s a start and sounds better then the Chief of Police saying, they were told that cars in Clayton and Maplewood were also hit. How about the Police cars listening to the call from other city to be looking for this type of thing? Good Luck ! Cars off street parking, driveways, garages could help. If you hear something , call the police, look out your windows to see what is going on. This could help them know what to look for, car, on foot, which way they are going. I guess you know you have about 6 to 8 Police Offers on the road at the night shift ! Anything you can do to help will stop this. Next is the Court System. I have no idea here to start with this mess. In today, back on the street in 30 min. Home with NO parents. How about the Judge taking the car away for a year ? Keeping the BB gun. Making the parents come in to pick up the BB gun and making them pay for the damage their kids did with it? Got to go now, have to park my car in the backyard and cover it with a moving mat.

    • Maybe St. Charles is a better fit for you… or Florida.

      I’m pretty confident this is a different group than those entering unlocked cars… When things like this happen I remind myself that my mailbox could be busted more than a couple times before I’m even for the hell I raised. Life will go on, Eeyore.

      I’ll be setting up an IP camera outside to monitor my property. Good luck with your solutions.

  2. And when they are caught, they will turn out to be teenagers who will be released to their parents who will say, “Son, we are a little disappointed in you. No dessert for a week.”