Neighbors encourage each other as schools, businesses remain closed

With some chalk, paint, markers and extra time Maplewood residents are using public spaces to cheer their neighbors on these days. Here’s a few examples.

From the Perry family on Bruno Avenue: “For the last ten years, the Perry family has maintained a hopscotch court, painted on the sidewalk along Bruno Avenue. This year the hopscotch court, through the passage of many happy feet, and the inevitable ravages of the weather, was completely worn away, so, having  a wealth of time to do such things, the Perry family repainted it, and you can once again happily play hopscotch on your daily walk through Maplewood.”

See the joke of the day at the corner of Hazel and Marshall avenues.

Seen from Sutton Avenue: Apart but not alone!

A lionhearted girl lives on Marietta Avenue.

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