Neighbors but not owners come to Maplewood nuisance hearing

Neighbors of two Maplewood houses cited for violating city maintenance ordinances said at a nuisance hearing Thursday at Maplewood City Hall that the houses are in dangerously bad condition. Neither of the owners were there.

Maplewood city housing inspector, Phil Gold, said the city had received complaints about the house at 7412 Zephyr Place, that a large dying oak was in the front and the back had considerable trash.

Neighbor the east, Leah O. Leah, said she’s worried that the buildup of pine needles is a fire hazard. Also that opossums and raccoons live in the back yard, but added, “they have to live somewhere.”

The neighbor to the west, Carolyn Ford, said she had talked to the owner, David Putz, about a large dead tree, but nothing was done and it finally fell on her property. She said the owners from the Depression days, Ed and Ollie Putz, would be appalled if they were alive today.

Gold said the owner of  7705 Weaver Avenue has been notified about the deteriorating roof and collapsed fence and that both still need to be fixed. Neighbor Patsy Jablonowski agreed.

The owners will be notified in about a week of the decision of the judge in the hearing.

7412 Zephyr Place

7705 Weaver Avenue, Correction: The house labeled 7705 Weaver Avenue, here, is now the correct house. It wasn’t before.


15 thoughts on “Neighbors but not owners come to Maplewood nuisance hearing

  1. You can also contact City Hall and have them issue citations. The house at 2326 Bellevue never maintains their backyard and it harbored massive amounts of mosquitos all summer. Now, it still sits overgrown attracting pests and the like. I contacted city hall and they issued a 7 day warning. After that, I was told they would come in to cut the grass and charge the homeowner.

  2. No one has lived in the house on zephyr for over 5 years. They don’t need help with anything they are just letting it fall apart.

  3. Aren’t there City ordinances against hazardous trees, and exposed, unhealthy conditions (backyard–i would not want to attract creatures that carry disease and harm property)?

    • Agreed. Next thing you see will be the city cutting their lawn and trimming their trees paid for by you and me.

    • Unless it is caught up in legal matters, such as estate, then it might be the snag stopping it from being sold. However, 5 years is a long time for that.

  4. Nobody even lives in the house on Zephyr. I also assure you, the neighbors have been more then tolerant and patient with the eye sore.

  5. I thought the same thing as Sara Christy. There should be a volunteer day(s) when Maplewood residents bring bags, tools, etc., and come and HELP these folks to clean up the properties. They need help, not shame! Count me in to help!

  6. I’m curious, instead of just shaming these people publicly on social media, if Maplewood will be helping these folks, in the case that they are perhaps financially/physically unable to do the work themselves. Perhaps offer some volunteer help to the homeowners?

    • I second that motion. I will help. I’m not as young or as strong or as fast as I used to be but I am one heck of a chocolate chip cookie Baker and will show up to help.

    • Perhaps your assumption is correct. But what if the owner lives in (insert affluent municipality here) and has money and is just sitting on his inherited property not maintaining it? Would you still be willing to step up?