New Club Fitness opens in Maplewood

Club Fitness invested $3.0 million in the new 40,000 square foot facility recently opened in the Deer Creek Shopping Center, according to the company.

Eric Schreimann, Club Fitness CEO, cut the ribbon for the Mid County Chamber of Commerce.

From Club Fitness: The club features a Pulse Studio (vitural and coach training), a women-only training studio, a cardio theater, a burn zone studio, and a cycle studio. Amenities include a free kids club, a recovering zone with tanning and hydro massage lounges and a smoothie bar.

6 thoughts on “New Club Fitness opens in Maplewood

  1. ls that our Mayor standing there in shorts and a polo shirt at a ribbon cutting of a company that just spent $3 million in Maplewood? Seems like something a little nicer could have been worn there! A little too casual it seems to me….I doubt it was a complete surprise as in the phone rings and the voice on the phone says “you better get here quick if you want to have your picture taken for the ribbon cutting of a new major business in Maplewood.” and that was how you were dressed for the day.

      • Get. A. Life. Please. Maybe the Mayor wanted to try out some of the athletic equipment or get a “first” workout in- he is even wearing athletic shoes. Really, guys, find something meaningful to gripe about.

      • When you look at the picture, it’s the suits that are out of place. The Mayor fits right in.

      • you know this how? The article says it spent $3 million on the Maplewood location. The company says that is what they spent.