New-comer grabs most votes in Brentwood School Board race

Six candidates ran for the three open seats on the Brentwood School Board. A new-comer took more votes than even two incumbents.

Lindsay Spencer, a stay-at-home mom with kids in the school district took the most votes, winning 23 percent of the vote. Spencer grabbed attention in the League of Women Voters forum by being the only one out of five candidates to favor teaching only evolution (“science-based”) in science classes. The other candidates supported teaching both evolution and creationism, when the question was asked.

Keith Rabenberg, an incumbent, long-time member of the board, took second with 21 percent. Daniel Brouillet, an incumbent with one year experience on the board took third with 19 percent.

  • Keith Rabenberg (incumbent) – 20.5 percent
  • Dannielle Joy Davis – 9.8
  • Daniel Brouille (incumbent, served one year) –  18.6
  • Lindsay M. Spencer – 22.6
  • Cindy Watson — (not at the forum, a seat there for her) – 9.7
  • Lois Truman – 17.8

2 thoughts on “New-comer grabs most votes in Brentwood School Board race

  1. Now that Lindsay Spencer is a Brentwood School Board member I hope she takes time to familiarize herself with the many problems in the evolution hypothesis particularly the strong faith maintained in macro evolution, the idea of one life form transforming over time through natural selection and mutation into a totally different life form. Of course this is something never observed before in nature nor is it reproducible in science. We all know the scientific method requires proof via observation and repetition.

    DNA, life’s operating instructions, contain all the information necessary for variation and adaptation within a kind, yet it limits the amount of change, forbidding one kind becoming another kind. DNA, the software for life forms, is packed full of information and where there is information there must be an information giver. Evolutionists would have us believe time, chance and mutation is the creator. What is scientific about that?

    And if evolution believers say fossils prove their hypothesis then remind them fossils are billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth. It is time to debunk evolution with scientific facts, emotions are not necessary.