New Maplewood laundromat confirmed, toasty subs return

Contractors are at work at two corners of Big Bend Boulevard and Flora Avenue.

The former QuikTrip is planned to be a laundromat, according to a contractor on the site on Monday. He said his boss told him he’d be working there for five months. He said several neighbors have told him they’d rather have a restaurant.

Across Big Bend, a Toasty Subs sign has returned. A plan to sell subs over the counter and make sushi to be sold wholesale fell through about three years ago.

Raising Cane’s continues to go up at Big Bend and Manchester.

28 thoughts on “New Maplewood laundromat confirmed, toasty subs return

  1. Wow, so much drama about a laundromat. Can’t people get their clothes clean without being accused of selling drugs or prostitution? Who knew we had so many snobs in Maplewood?

  2. What’s the big deal? Sheeeesh. I live less than 500 feet from there and I’m not worried about it. How can a 24 hour laundymat be any worse than a 24 hour convience store, that operated there for as long as I can remember, be any worse?

  3. I’ve been to Porter’s Chicken at all times of the day and i’ve never seen a police car there. As for noise and people hanging out there, nothing.

  4. If they are going to be open 24/7 I hope they have some type of security on site. This could be a haven for drug deals, prostitution and other undesirable activity at all hours. With the many apartment complexes along Hanley/Big Bend I can see where the demand for this product is coming from. Would rather see it in Deer Creek Plaza which is away from residential housing.

  5. I think that is a perfect spot for a laundry mat. My guess is that most people commenting on here have never had to use one. Back in the day I spent many hours a various laundry mats. They are all too busy it was such a pain in the butt. With so many rentals in the area it is a perfect solution. I would rather see a laundry mat than another restaurant selling 10 dollar cocktails that I can’t afford

  6. Laundromat!? What a waste of land for this busy intersection. What fool approved this? I guess after eating the greasy food across the street at that new chicken place one would need to launder there shirts!

    • D. Smith – No, the old rock wall is still there. Hopefully the city can always keep that intact.

  7. Both locations have same owner of business. QT location will be bigger than one by Porter’s

    • I neither agree nor disagree with the above comment. But just to be clear, I am not that Tom B.

  8. “Design and Review” (I think you mean Planning and Zoning) can’t just up and change the way a property is zoned. If the property is currently zoned as supporting a laundromat (and I think it is), it’s pretty much cut and dried.


  9. I can’t believe Maplewood approved a laundromat for the old QT location. I think Maplewood needs to reevaluate their approval process.

      • So Daniel, why don’t I see your snarky reply posted on all the other dissenting comments? Do I have to have a alternative business plan for this site before I can voice my opinion?

        • What’s better and more helpful for the community: a business generating revenue or an vacant building/lot?

          • I somewhat agree, but things don’t stay vacant for long around here (the property across the street notwithstanding), and your question assumes that it’s merely a binary question: either a revenue generating business or a vacant site. How about a different business there? It also isn’t a stretch for families who actually live right behind the property to hope for something different than a Laundromat that will operate 24 hours a day as Big Bend Coin Laundry does. But there’s a warehouse behind the other 24/7 location, not a neighborhood full of kids. And those families also have the right to be disappointed without having to be told “if you don’t like it, open your own business…” That’s a ridiculous snarky comment that basically says if you don’t have a positive comment, then shut up. As a parent I’m not thrilled to know people will be hanging out waiting for their laundry to cycle at all hours of the night if they want to. And by the way, just because a business generates revenue and taxes doesn’t mean it’s good for the community over the long run. That simplistic approach can lead to a lot of trouble down the road of unintended consequences.

          • Matt well said. Not thrilled at all! The old quick trip should have been better utilized- there are many vacant spaces throughout Maplewood that would have sufficed- Deer creek center- shop and save. You get the point. Not next to a quiet neighbor hood….

          • 1. The QT has been vacant for several years.
            2. Why do you assume everyone who goes/uses a laundromat is somehow some kind of threat to kids and neighborhoods? Why can’t people around here who rent or use laundromats go to a local neighborhood place nearby? What makes them less than you just because you can procreate? It’s a laundromat. Not a prison. Not some kind of drug den. You can be disappointed, but recognize the NIMBYism and elitism about your statements

          • Matt and M,

            Who says that it will be open 24/7, 365? You could let the city know that you don’t want it to operate 24/7 by going to one of the board meetings and letting your voice be heard.

          • Presumed 24/7 because someone mentioned this one would be owned by the same owner of the Big Bend Coin Laundry, which is a 24/7 operation. Not sure why this one would have abbreviated hours. And to once again reply to one of Daniel’s snarky comments, this one about people who can procreate being elitists, which says more about Daniel, by the way, than me. I would suggest Daniel ride his bicycle down to the Big Bend Coin Laundry and observe for himself how often he sees a police car parked there. I’m pretty certain they’re not doing their laundry. To answer some of Daniel’s questions:
            1. Why do you assume everyone who goes/uses a laundromat is somehow some kind of threat to kids and neighborhoods? A: Who said everyone Daniel?
            2. Why can’t people around here who rent or use laundromats go to a local neighborhood place nearby? A: They CAN Daniel, right down the street about 4 blocks at a place called Big Bend Coin Laundry.
            3. What makes them less than you just because you can procreate? A: Nothing Daniel, because I’m not placing a value system on families vs. single people – you are. You are obviously one of those types where any opposing viewpoint to yours means you personally have been affronted and devalued.
            4. You can be disappointed, but recognize the NIMBYism and elitism about your statements.. A: Gee Daniel, how perceptive of you to take my comment about not wanting ANOTHER laundromat within 1 mile of my house and affix to it the pejorative acronym, ‘Not In My Back Yard’. Brilliant. Now regarding your elitism label, it’s so stupid and off the mark, we’re discussing Maplewood Missouri not Greenwich Connecticut. All of your comments are exaggerated to one extreme, it’s either a revenue generating business or nothing at all, if I don’t prefer people loitering all night, then everyone is a criminal and the place is an opium den. And even though there’s a perfectly functioning laudromat 4 blocks away, you still pose the question why folks renting can’t use a local Laundromat???

  10. It’s really unfortunate that the old QT is being converted to a laundromat. The location, building size, and parking area could be much better utilized, in my opinion. Combine this with the fact that a laundromat already exists less than one mile down the road near Dear Creek, and it’s clear that the Maplewood Design & Review Board may want to take a better look at the “big picture” before simply approving new businesses.

    Dan / disappointed resident.

    • It is unfortunate. But have you seen how busy that laundromat down the hill is all the time? I’ll admit I have a weakness for Porter’s Fried Chicken so I’m in there a little too often. And I’m always shocked as no matter the time/day the laundromat is busy. All the parking spaces are full and looking inside many of the machines seem to be running.