Feast reviews Reeds American Table

A new restaurant opened in Maplewood on September 2. Reeds American Table opened in the space previously occupied by Home Wine Kitchen, at 7322 Manchester Road. It’s the space  previously occupied by Home Wine Kitchen, which closed on New Year’s Eve 2014.

The restaurant is under the management of executive chef, Matt Daughaday, former chef of Niche and Taste restaurants.

Feast Magazine was there on opening night, and reported that both the upstairs and downstairs are used, for a total of 5,100 square feet. “The facade of the restaurant got an alluring coat of red paint, while the interior features homey touches such as barn wood, Edison lights and personalized art,” Feast reports.

Daughaday told Feast he’s trying to offer a “family dinner table atmosphere.” He said it’s a “very approachable menu.” It includes soups and salads, small plates, snacks, sandwiches, large plates, cheeses and desserts.

Feast recommends the “bacon-fat fried cornbread, fried pickles with dill aioli and a vibrant smoked beet salad with whipped ricotta, orange, pickled shallot, nduja vinaigrette, mint and chive,” for an appetizer.

Read the full review in Feast Magazine.

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7 thoughts on “Feast reviews Reeds American Table

  1. I like the balance of smaller and larger plates that are offered. I’d just as soon eat Brussels sprouts than most meat dishes anyway, so it’s nice that I don’t have to order the standard entree.

    I do still long for a more family-friendly type restaurant in downtown Maplewood, however. I think there’s an incredible opportunity there. (Something along the lines of Quincy Street Bistro or Picadilly at Manhattan).

    • Dittos on the family-friendly menu and vibe. Maplewood is bursting with young families right now, and the only places my kids like are Picadilly and the Bottleworks. The Wood would be a third place if the food were better. My kids are civilized and can behave in a nice place, but they just aren’t into beef cheeks and foie gras.

      • The Post on non-trivia/non-big game nights is pretty family friendly……I believe Gus’s is going to be very FF, but a bit casual. A Dewey’s would rock in Maplewood, suppose the Webster loc is too close tho. I would love if Circle 7 opened in the Monarch spot….my folks live out in W County and the Circle 7 at Henry and Clayton would be a great fit here.

        • I do like the Post, and the food there is better than lots of people probably realize. A Pizza Story is good too, and friendly, but there’s not a lot of variety on the menu, naturally.

          That Monarch space is just so big (and expensive), that it’s going to be hard to occupy.

  2. I think their menu might change seasonally. But I hope they move way from small plates too, it seems a little dated. The chef is supposed to be amazing though.

  3. We were there on Saturday night. The beef cheek was great – the pork cheek was better.

    Judging from the crowd waiting to get a table, they’ll be just fine.

  4. I sincerely hope they succeed, but I checked out their menu Friday before going out for dinner, and there was simply nothing on the menu that I wanted to eat. The small plates trend needs to end now unless it’s genuine tapas. “Braised beef cheek with oven-dried tomatoes, watercress, focaccia and foie-gras cream”? Ick. A “pastrami reuben” made with beef tongue? $8 for a side of brussels sprouts? Next!