New soccer store opens in Maplewood

A new soccer gear store, OMG Soccer, opened in early May in the former Miriam Trading Post location, 2171 S. Big Bend Boulevard.

Owner Yama Barekzai says he went to Gateway High School in St. Louis and played four years at UMSL. He traveled around, following his dad, to India, Pakistan, Russia, Spain and other countries, growing up. He said it wasn’t much fun, but he played a lot of soccer. He arrived in St. Louis when he was nine.

“I like St. Louis, but they need to get a MLS team. St. Louis is a big soccer place actually,” he said. “When the Bosnian team comes to play it’s crazy.” He said there’s no doubt people would go and it would make money.

The store is open 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday – Saturday, and 10 – 6 on Sunday.


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