No ‘creepy clowns’ threat at MRH, superintendent says

The MRH School District has not been the subject of any specific or credible threat from “creepy clowns” according to a notice posted online Thursday by Karen Hall, superintendent of schools.

The school staff tries to dispel rumors among students, but it is hard to stop them once they start, especially in this age of social media, according to Hall. She asks caregivers to speak with their children, and help the school to teach them not to spread rumors, especially those that can scare or harm other children.

From the school district’s post — see the full post here

  • Remind your children that people who care about them are handling the situation — Schools and their police partners take threats to school safety seriously. School threats made on social media most often turn out to be hoaxes, but we will always investigate the threats and take necessary steps to protect our students and staff.
  • Think before posting on social media — Verify information from a credible source before sharing rumors or threats on social media. Check with local police or school officials so that any information shared is accurate. Spreading rumors causes unnecessary alarm and heightens fears about school safety.
  • If you see something, report it — The only way we can keep our schools safe is to work together. Teach your children to report odd or suspicious activity to a responsible adult, as well as any actual threats they see. It’s important for this type of information to be shared with police and school officials.
  • Talk to an adult — Encourage your child to talk to you if they are worried. They can also speak with their teacher or school counselor if something has them upset or anxious. If you have a concern about your children’s emotions or behavior, please contact their school counselor.


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