No lease signed for former Tim Hortons building: owner

Dan Lesseg, owner of the property and building at 2721 S. Big Bend Boulevard that was a Tim Hortons for two and a half years (ribbon cutting was in June 2015; it closed in December 2017) said Thursday that no lease is signed for a new tenant. He wouldn’t confirm or deny that it will be a Taco Bell, as employees from various locations have said.

Lesseg said the former Tim Hortons is part of a PUD (Planned Unit Development), zoned by the city of Maplewood to be a restaurant. He said a Taco Bell would work for that.

He said the property isn’t listed because several brokers and agents contacted him when it became available.

He said he would let 40 South know when he has a signed lease.

Tim Hortons closed in Maplewood on Dec. 23, 2017.

10 thoughts on “No lease signed for former Tim Hortons building: owner

  1. Though I’d love a taco bell, I would feel bad for the residents around there with the very late hours taco bell is open… plus I was really hoping a Starbucks would go in 🙂

  2. I live 1/4 mile from the building and I fu$&ing love Taco Bell! Please do it! The Cheesy Gordita Crunch is the greatest fast food menu item of all time! I’ve been complaining about the lack of nearby Taco Bell for years! This news really made my week!

  3. Dear Mr Lessig,
    Two words: Dunkin’ Donuts.
    Heck, even a Starbucks (or anything) would be better than Taco Bell. Locals wouldn’t go there, but the commuters would love it. Or hey, Kim Cheese wanted to open a store here but couldn’t afford to build a kitchen. Just sayin’.

    • Dear Mr. Lessig. I’m local. I’m fine with all options. But if it’s a Taco Bell, you needn’t worry about the nimbys. I can probably single-handedly keep a Taco Bell afloat.

      #MMGA #ilovetacos

    • Another local here. I would be there all the time if it was a Taco Bell. There’s already a Dunkin a few blocks away on Hanley and a Starbucks going in on Dale. Not sure how TB is any worse for that corner than Jack in the Box or White Castle.

    • Dunkin’ Donuts is like half a step above Tim Hortons. It’s terrible coffee and food. Taco bell would be vastly superior.