Now a 3-way race for mayor in Brentwood

As of Tuesday afternoon three candidates have filed to run for mayor of Brentwood (2-yer term) in April 2017. All are well-known.

Louise Charboneau, filed last week. On the last day to file — Tuesday, Jan. 17 — incumbent Christopher Thornton, and Barbara Clements, in that order, have also filed.

Clements filed to run in 2015 but dropped out, leaving Thornton, Mark Wilson and Ward 4 Alderman Patrick Toohey. Clements served 19 years as Ward 1 alderman. She stepped down in 2012, when Maureen Saunders won the seat in a race against Jim Bischoff.

The incumbent aldermen for each ward are the only ones to file for alderman.

  • Ward 1: David Plufka
  • Ward 2: Brandon Wegge
  • Ward 3: Steve Lochmoeller
  • Ward 4: Tom Kramer

Patrick Dignam has filed to run again for municipal judge.

The updated list of those who have filed to run for office in Brentwood, on the city clerk’s door.

5 thoughts on “Now a 3-way race for mayor in Brentwood

  1. I know I’m no politician, but if I wanted to elect someone for mayor of this city, it wouldn’t be a candidate who sleeps during city meetings…Louise Charboneau

    • Louise has that right because she is a senior citizen and has paid her dues. Instead of sitting on a cushion while conducting BOA meetings maybe she will have a pillow to rest her head on. Louise don’t let them discourage you as we can’t see Clements sitting up there again.

  2. Will there be some comparison of how each stands on issues, or even a debate? (perhaps I have not yet been fried from the presidential debates.)

  3. I eagerly await the reaction and political analysis of Mr. Completely, who has been silent for entirely too long.