Oak once marked entrance to Woodside, resident says

A tree recognized as a bicentennial tree grows on Jerome Avenue in Maplewood, according to a longtime resident.

He says it’s a hybrid that occurs only in St. Louis County — post oak and white oak. He speculates that it was at the original entrance to Woodside, the oldest building in Maplewood, which is now under renovation.

He said a similar tree grew on the north side of the street, marking the entrance, until it was destroyed by a tornado.

4 thoughts on “Oak once marked entrance to Woodside, resident says

  1. When I first started going with my future wife, Rosemary Daggett, back in 1957 her, her mother and Donald lived in a small house on this lot. There was a small apartment out in back of the house where their older brother Wesley Daggett and his wife lived for a short while.
    Wesley loved to work on cars and fix them up and I recall him using the tree to hang a chain hoist in. It is a huge and beautiful tree and brings back memories.
    Rosemary and I are still a couple, been married since 1962.

  2. WOW!!!!! This is my special meditation tree. I spoke about it to my neighbor Don Daggett, now resting in peace, some years ago. He told me later that “a friend” had purchased the land and given it to The Nature Conservancy. Thanks, Mr. Daggett! and Thanks, Doug, for this amazing news!

  3. I have heard this story but haven’t discovered any other information that would confirm or deny it.