Officials OK apartment on Zephyr; city sells lots involved in Ryan Hummer shooting

Maplewood City Council on Tuesday night gave the OK, granting a conditional use permit, for 22 Company, owned by Matt Williams, to use 7263 Zephyr Place as an apartment building. The 3-story, 6-unit building was built in 1925 as apartments, but has been vacant for about six years.

7263 Zephyr Place

A resident who lives next to the building objected, saying there are several reasons why the permit shouldn’t be granted. He said it doesn’t meet setback regulations and doesn’t have enough parking. He also said the roof leaks and has interior water damage. He said the cost to repair would be too great and should be torn down.

Councilman Tim Dunn said the cost would be “astronomical,” but below the city’s standard that would require the building to be demolished.

City Manager Marty Corcoran said the conditional use permit would allow the building to go back to its original use. It lost its conditional use permit six months after the last tenant moved out.  Zoning isn’t the issue, he said. He said setbacks and parking doesn’t apply, but air conditioning units would need to adhere to current setbacks. The council voted unanimously to allow the permit.

The officials also, without discussion, passed a bill to strengthen the city law regulating “Animals and Fowl,” adding horses to the list of farm type animals not allowed. The city does allow up to six chickens or ducks. They also OK’d a conditional use permit for Mark Rubin to use 2009 Yale Avenue to be used as an office.

Later in the meeting Corcoran said the city has sold 7440 and 7442 Zephyr Place to Maplewood residents who plan to build a single house on the the lots. The lots were the site of the houses involved in the shooting of Maplewood firefighter Ryan Hummert in 2008. He said after the meeting that the lots were sold for $62,000, and the funds went into the city’s general revenue.

7440 and 7442 Zephyr Place




5 thoughts on “Officials OK apartment on Zephyr; city sells lots involved in Ryan Hummer shooting

  1. As far as the apartments go, why not turn them into condos? People who invest their money are much better neighbors.

  2. 30K for each lot seemed like a fair value from my untrained eye when listed for sale back in May. Glad to see the city made the sale to MW residents. Still curious as to where the money goes once sold. Also looking forward to the design plans for the homes that will go there. They may reside within the area that requires new builds to be brick. Hopefully though the owners/designers can bring a touch of creativity to the area without getting overly hassled. Not all houses in MW need to have one of four layouts.

    • Joe S –

      The money goes into the General Fund of the City of Maplewood. There were costs involved with acquiring those properties after the horrific event that happened there. Proceeds go to offset the costs and to use in our General Fund (main operating account for the City).

      Last year’s budget link below if you’d like to find out how we allocate income/expenditures for all funds:

      Shawn Faulkingham
      Councilmember, Ward 3

  3. Glad to know the land will be put to use. Hope there are no evil spits there. Poltergeist are not real…I hope.