One Brentwood candidate has filed with ethics commission; one hasn’t

Of the two candidates running for mayor of Brentwood, one has filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission and one hasn’t.

Incumbent, Chris Thornton, filed (see report). Thornton’s report 40 days before the election show no contributions or expenses, (see report).

Thornton’s report eight days before the election show contributions of $525 and expenditures of $430 for advertising, paid to Gene Del printing, (see report).

Barbara Clements, running against Thornton for mayor, hasn’t filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission, which means she didn’t accept enough contributions to be required to file.

Louise Charboneau was the first to file to run, but she died in early February. The termination of her campaign, returning contributions to Karen Smith, Katherine Zahniel, and the estate of Louise Charboneau is recorded, (see report).


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