Maplewood Little Caesar’s closes

The Little Caesar’s at 7329 Manchester Road, near Shop ‘n Save in Maplewood, closed recently.

Brown paper covers the windows and a sign on the door advises customers of two other locations. Yelp users also reported the closing.

It opened on March 8, 2016.

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10 thoughts on “Maplewood Little Caesar’s closes

  1. What happened to Gus’? Just noticed today that it was gone. Never saw that coming.

  2. This is sad! I went to pick up a pizza on Saturday and found out the hard way that they’d closed… kind of a Maplewood tradition. Years and years inside the KMart on Manchester, then at Deer Creek, and this brief tenure by Shop and Save.

  3. Strange. The location next to the shop n save seems like it would get more business than at Deer Creek.

  4. Disappointing. My son likes their pizza and their were very affordable. However, it’s not worth the gas to drive another location.

  5. It moved from Deer Creek strip mall, which is also in Maplewood, so it’s been several years, not 8 months. But sad to see it go.