Maplewood bus stop project seeking local artist

A call has been issued for artists from across the St. Louis area to submit proposals for a public art installation that will be featured as part of the Maplewood Transit Stop Transformation project, located at the corner of Manchester Road and Marshall Avenue.

Maplewood History: On A Roll – A House, That Is.

Or more accurately “That Was.”  A comment from reader and county historian Esley Hamilton in my last post started me thinking that I could generate another post with a minimum of struggle by elaborating on his comment some. 

MRH to ask voters to approve $30 million bond issue

The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Board of Education on Thursday agreed to ask voters to approve $30 million dollars in bond sales to pay for brick-and-mortar improvements district-wide, MRH reported. The request does not require a change in the current tax rate in order to repay the bonds.

Maplewood History: On the Rediscovery of Random Bits of Unrelated Information

I’m sure no one would be surprised to hear that the rediscovery of the history of our small inner ring suburb involves keeping track of very many different bits of info gotten from a wide variety of sources.  Roughly three times a month I attempt to gather in a single post many of these randomly acquired bits that are somehow related to one another.