Arrests for shorts theft, DWI

Terry T. Nebbitt Sr., 67, of St. Louis was charged with his third stealing-related offense, after stealing 22 pairs of Polo brand boxer shorts from Macy’s on December 27, 2016, according to court and police records.

Maplewood History: Yale Loop Fire

No one asked for this post. I ran one of these images in my previous post, “Night of the Cobras”.  I had a thought while looking at the Yale Loop Fire file that my blog followers would probably like to see these other images.  That day it was 104 degrees in Maplewood.  Perhaps that explains part of the appeal of these images to me.  This is the perfect time of the year to run them.  Winter would be too depressing.

Maplewood pool closed Friday due to parasite concern

The Maplewood Family Aquatic Center pool was shut down Friday because someone swimming in it had tested positive for ‘crypto’ [cryptosporidium], according to an announcement from the aquatic center on Saturday. It’s is a parasite that causes diarrhea.

MRH school board fills open seat

The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Board of Directors on Thursday selected a new member to fill out the unexpired term of a former board member who resigned in April, the school district has announced.

Maplewood History: Night of the Cobras

A photograph sent by a reader, Michele, started me thinking about how we traded our original old streetlights for the modern (at the time) cobra heads.  Then how our taste flipped and we gratefully deep sixed the cobra heads only to replace them with guess what?  Faithful reproductions of the originals.  

Pulaski Bank robber charged

According to a Richmond Heights police report, Pawel Rynkiewicz, 36, of Olivette, robbed the Pulaski Bank (6510 Clayton Road) at gunpoint on February 29, 2016. He was charged with the felony in St. Louis County on July 6, 2017.

The Dog Days of Summer

Or is that the ‘The Lazy Days of Summer’? I am not good at expressions, but as the owner of two working Border Collies, a breed known for their high levels of energy and intelligence, there is nothing lazy about my summer. And the same is true for many, many of my clients, no matter what their breeds or mixes.

Heat relief from Christ Church UCC, city of Maplewood too

Heat Alert: Now through July 28: Christ Church UCC, at the corner of Bellevue and Bruno avenues in Maplewood will be open every day from noon until 5 p.m. for anyone needing to come in and cool down. The church is offering plenty of ice water and a place to sit and read if you like.

Firefighters send memo to Richmond Heights mayor rejecting consolidation

City officials of the city of Richmond Heights night at a council meeting Monday will hear a presentation of the results of a study to combine the fire departments command structure for the cities of Brentwood, Maplewood, Clayton, Richmond Heights and Rock Hill. Firefighters from three of the cities oppose it.