Maplewood police seize guns, marijuana

Maplewood police officers on Saturday seized three firearms (two of which were stolen), nearly a hundred rounds of ammunition and marijuana during a stealing investigation, the department reported on Facebook and Twitter.

Postcards to Alabama

Every table at Stone Spiral Coffee House, in Maplewood, was filled Sunday afternoon with folks writing postcards to registered voters in Alabama.

Oilers practice in Brentwood

The Edmonton Oilers took practice time at the Brentwood Recreation Center on Tuesday, the city posted on Twitter. But will they come back, after an 8-3 loss to the Blues?

Brentwood, MRH debate again excel

Brentwood and Maplewood Richmond Heights speech and debate teams took part in the Clayton Fall Classic, at Clayton High School over the weekend, and apparently cleaned up, looking at their Twitter feeds.

Last week’s top posts

Last week’s most popular posts included the closing of Maplewood’s Little Caesars, a proposed Brentwood tax failing at the polls and another one considered. Also an MRH principal spending time on an aircraft carrier.

Brentwood, MRH remain highly ranked in state assessment

On the Annual Performance Report from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Brentwood School District slipped slightly from its perfect score last year, and Maplewood Richmond Heights climbed two points. The results were announced yesterday.

Maplewood History: The Maplewood Hippodrome

Those two words together, Maplewood and Hippodrome, just seem crazy, don’t they?  From Merriam-Webster, a hippodrome is an oval stadium for horse and chariot races in ancient Greece or an arena for equestrian performances.  These folks also state that the first known usage of the word was from 1585. If this is true then I have to wonder what did the ancient Greeks call it?