Brentwood, MRH schools ranked in survey

Brentwood School District is ranked 18th in the state, and Maplewood Richmond Heights District is 30th in the 2019 survey. The survey also ranks each school individually in the state.

Maplewood History: Snipe Hunt – A New Recollection by Maplewood’s Premier Memoirist – Bill Jones

Lyndover Elementary, Maplewood, MO

In 1939, our English teacher was brilliant.  He taught us creative writing when we did not know what the term meant.  He began with the short story and had us bring our favorite short story to class and read it aloud.  I used the Mark Twain/Tom Sawyer tale of “Whitewashing the Board Fence” and the class enjoyed my reading.

Last week’s top posts

The closing (for now) of Wong’s Inn, what’s for lease in Maplewood, and ‘in the press’ — (Lisa Clancy, Del Pietro’s, Vitality Bowls) were the most popular posts last week. Here’s the top 10.

In the press

Found in the press this past week: the new Schnucks, the ‘Beastwich’ at Bolyards, Rachelle L’Ecuyer’s new job, Ben Poremba’s cooking.