Maplewood History: Citizens Bank of Maplewood

Just when you think you know everything, one like this comes along.  Quite a while ago I did a series of posts about the Bank of Maplewood.  Matter of fact here are the links if you’d like to take a look at them again.

$2.2 Million Defective Drug Lawsuit Filed in Missouri

A lawsuit alleging serious defects in hyoscyamine, a drug used to treat stomach and intestinal problems, has resulted in a judgement of over $2.2 million in St. Louis County Circuit Court, St. Louis Business Journal reports. Hyoscyamine is produced and distributed by Virtus, a niche pharmaceuticals company based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. It’s important that Brentwood, Maplewood, and Richmond Heights residents taking any medication stay up to date with the latest safety issues, lawsuits, and recalls in order to protect their health, such as this lawsuit.

Maplewood History: Where was the Laclede Station?

Most of us in this area are very used to hearing the three words – Laclede Station Road – always together. How many of you ever stopped to think just what and where was this Laclede Station? Laclede was an early property development in what is now the western part of Maplewood. The Laclede Station appears to have been one of the original stops on the Pacific Railroad (later called MoPac) which was completed through what would become Maplewood in 1853.