Santa, I want a Puppy for Christmas!

Dogs and cats conveniently have a second litter of the year during the winter months which correspond with our gift giving holidays.  However, giving one as a pet is frequently a very bad idea, for many reasons.  Still, there are many creative ways of making arrangements to give a new pet to a friend or family member without the pitfalls of actually having a furry bundle of joy underfoot.

Maplewood History: The De Soto Run – Part One

Early in this millennium, recently retired, I was searching for reasons to show why Charles and Mary Rannells’ farmhouse/mansion, Woodside, should not be torn down.  It is the oldest building in our town, Maplewood, Missouri.  While searching for Mary’s name I happened upon an article that ran in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on July 31, 1882 that described the events that occurred at a meeting of the Missouri Bicycle Club on their first anniversary. It noted that Mary and one of her sons had invited members of the Missouri Bicycle Club “to spend Wednesday evening at their residence at Bartold’s Grove.” (Woodside).

Carsickness in cats (and dogs), and what to do about it

I have clients who found a kitten at the husband’s family farm over the summer, and brought him home.  They already have two, ten year old cats.  B’Orange is a huge female who can handle Pepper, the errant kitten, just fine.  But Bud is constantly tormented by Pepper.  Poor Bud suffers from a multitude of health problems, including a mouth full of no teeth, and he just lays on his side making pathetic noises while Pepper tips him over and chews on him.

Maplewood History: A Powhatan Theatre Movie Guide and A Salvation Army Photograph

Often the reason there is a lot of time between my posts is that the length of the one in the works just keeps getting longer and longer. That is happening right now.  I’m working on a long one about bicycles which still is not ready.  Meantime former councilman Onis Harper dropped off photocopies of a couple of interesting things.  So let’s take a look at those.