Maplewood History: William Lyman Thomas – On Slavery

In his landmark 1911 History of Saint Louis County –  Missouri, WLT devoted Chapter IX to The Civil War Period in St. Louis County.  On page 105 in a section titled, “Slavery in the County”, he wrote, “Many families owned slaves; a great many did not.  So far as our personal knowledge extends we never knew or heard of ill-treatment of slaves in the part of the county that was outside the city.  The white boys played with the black ones, went a fishing with them in numerous instances, pulled weeds, hoed potatoes and shared in their tasks.  Both men and women were treated with kindness and accorded many privileges. In most cases they were careless and happy, although, of course, the desire for freedom began to become more manifest the nearer we approached to the Civil war.  The pathetic feature of slavery, one that had an appealing influence upon all properly constructed minds and hearts, was the tearing apart of the negro man and his wife, the separations (that we read about) of the mother and the child. The writer never had personal knowledge of cases of this nature among the slave holding families of St. Louis county.

Elmwood restaurant kicks off valet parking

Maplewood City officials are set next week to take the final vote to allow two valet parking spots (the original request was for four) on Sutton Boulevard next to Elmwood restaurant; the valet service kicked off on Tuesday.