Family Video to close

Family Video at Deer Creek, at at 3515 S. Big Bend Boulevard, is closing soon, a source has told 40 South (and independently confirmed). The last day the store will rent movies is Sunday, July 28. The store will remain open in August for sales only, no rentals.

Maplewood History: The Most Famous Maplewoodian of All Time – Pee Wee Russell

As I mentioned in my previous post I have no recollection how I first learned that the jazz musician, Pee Wee Russell, had once lived in Maplewood.  I suspected that he was a minor figure who had attained a little recognition and not much more than that. Probably not long after I began to be interested in Maplewood history, I searched for information on Pee Wee on the internet.  In 2002 or thereabouts I didn’t find anything. There was not much information on the internet back then.

Maplewood History: The Most Famous Maplewoodian of All Time!

I have no recollection of when or where I first heard or read about this person.  Many years have passed since I first learned that this person had once lived in Maplewood.  Quite a lot more time passed before I learned any more than that about this person. The first time I googled this person’s name it turned up very little.  Since then I have uncovered enough data to make me believe that this person is the most famous Maplewoodian ever!

Refugee in Maplewood could be freed, and more: in the press

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has reported that U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay has introduced legislation that could free Alex Garcia, a Honduran refugee living in sanctuary at United Church of Christ in Maplewood since 2017. If passed, the bill would change Honduran refugee Alex Garcia’s immigration status to permanent legal resident of the U.S., Clay said.

Maplewood History: Famous Maplewoodians – Paul Christman, a Football Legend

A subject that deserves its own book would be the sports of Maplewood particularly football. Bob Broeg in his book, “Ol’ Mizzou, A Century of Tiger Football”, refers to a time in the 1930’s when “Maplewood and Cleveland High School in St. Louis supplied more talent to MU than any other prep schools”. The 1936 and the 1939 teams were the two best teams ever to come out of Maplewood High according to George Smith who was there.