New Maplewood Library events posted: June and July

The Maplewood Public Library, at 7550 Lohmeyer Avenue, regularly schedules events for many interests and age groups. Coming up: coloring for adults, Maplewood stories of the past, volunteering opportunities, DIY around the home, discovering St. Louis public parks, and lots more.

Tapped tips going to Joe’s Place in June

Tapped restaurant, which opened last month at 7278 Manchester Road, plans to donate its tips to a different charity each month. In June, Joe’s Place will receive the tips, Joe’s place reported on Facebook.

Maplewood History: The Magnificent Cabinetry of the Harper’s Pharmacy… While We’re on the Subject

April 17, 2017, the New York Times, page A4.  That is the location of a disturbing article by Alissa Rubin titled, “As Village Homes Are Stripped Bare, French History Vanishes.”  Ms. Rubin then goes on to describe how speculators and sometimes owners are stripping many of France’s historic buildings of their “architectural treasures and sell(ing) them, often abroad, leaving once graceful historic structures little more than empty shells behind gaily painted facades.”

Brentwood debate goes to state

Brentwood Debate didn’t advance out of preliminary rounds, but the team’s young group of girls who competed  had amazing experience, team coach, Robyn Haug said.

MRH graduation 2017: the videos

Maplewood Richmond Heights seniors walked the elementary school and ECC hallways in their gowns to promote graduation for all, in this MRH student-produced video. Also a couple more videos from the end of the year.