Saint Louis Closet Co. donates to Ready Readers, helping children in need: press release

MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – Saint Louis Closet Co. donated $3,715.93 to Ready Readers, through their giveback initiative, Closets for a Cause. The money from this donation will enable the organization to purchase and distribute more resources to children in need. Some of these materials include books, supplies for teachers, children, and classrooms, and resources for parents and caregivers.

Maplewood History: “A Good Corn Broom” Can Be Yours at Scheidt Hardware

It must have been some time in the late 1970s when my neighbor, Mrs. Mahler, who was probably around 90 years old, told me she was fed up with cheap plastic brooms.  She found what she wanted at Kroger, “A good corn broom.”  Her new broom looked good to me.  The handle was a one inch dowel rod as opposed to a ¾ inch one on the lesser corn brooms.  Very sturdy.  I bought one for myself and haven’t been without one since.

Maplewood Public Library Wins Grant

Maplewood Public Library recently received a grant from the Missouri State Library for new technology that will benefit both staff and visitors. A network switch and seven computer monitors were recently replaced at the Library. Additionally, a new wireless access point was added to the Library’s existing layout.

The Legacy of the Dancing Schwartzmans (again)

What follows was my fourteenth post on the website, 40 South News.  It first appeared on January  6, 2014.  In the first few lines, I was worrying about running out of material.  I shouldn’t have.  This is post number 386 and I’m not done yet. DH

Maplewood Police Department enhances community policing

Maplewood Police Department Acting Chief of Police, Major Matt Nighbor emailed to Maplewood block leaders last week that a reorganization of the Maplewood Police Department will go into effect this week designed to enhance community policing by adding an additional community resource officer, going from two to three community resource officers.