Maplewood officials set to vote to change nuisance law; settle with woman who lost occupancy permit

Maplewood officials are set to vote on Tuesday on a ‘release and settlement agreement’ between the city and Rosetta Watson, who had her city occupancy permit stripped after being declared a nuisance under the city’s nuisance ordinance. The ACLU filed a suit against the city in her behalf. City officials are also set to vote on an amendment to the city’s nuisance ordinance, cited in denying Watson her permit to live in the city.

Maplewood History: Behind the Scenes

Some parts of my job here at Maplewood History are very easy.  When the Bill Jones light comes on and another one of his excellent recollections (typed by his wife, Barb, of course) appears on my screen…that’s easy.  All I have to do are add a few appropriate photographs and it’s ready to go. But I am involved in other events that the casual reader can’t imagine.

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Richmond Heights to continue recycling pickup, in spite of tightening standards

Richmond Heights City Manager Amy Hamilton said in her report to the council on Tuesday that the city’s trash and recycling hauler, Republic Services, will continue to pick up residents’ recycling in spite of reports things may change in the metro area due to tightening acceptable levels of contamination of the material in China, where much of it is processed before going to a third party.