Papered-over windows — a guess as to why

Tuesday morning, two windows in the building under renovation at the northwest corner of Manchester Road and Sutton Boulevard were papered over.

Some drivers have noticed that when stopped on Sutton while facing north and looking at the traffic light, the now covered windows reflected the light from the opposite direction, so a driver would see both green and red lights.

Maplewood police said they can’t comment on why the paper has been applied, and that there has been no traffic accidents near that intersection for some time, and nothing regarding the reflection of traffic lights.

Building owner David Schlafly hasn’t responded immediately at to why the paper is there. Update: Schlafly said the paper was a test, working with the city, to minimize the reflection of the light.

Window at 7401 Manchester Road reflecting the opposite traffic light.

4 thoughts on “Papered-over windows — a guess as to why

  1. Paper was off when I drove by at 7:20 this morning with workers in the building. The plot thickens…