Parents on Marietta concerned about speeding drivers

Twelve years ago just one child lived on Marietta Avenue — the block between Sutton Boulevard and Marshall Avenue in Maplewood. Now 12 school-aged kids and four toddlers live there, according to one parent.

She and other residents on the street are concerned about drivers who use it as a cut-through to avoid lights on Manchester, sometimes driving aggressively. It often happens in the morning when kids are walking to a nearby bus stop at the corner of Marshall and Anna.

“Every morning we either have people cutting through the parking lot because of the traffic, or speeding,” she said. The parking lot is at the east end of the street at Marshall.

The parents have been working with Maplewood Ward 1 council member Jenny Schmidt to find a solution.




13 thoughts on “Parents on Marietta concerned about speeding drivers

  1. Maybe the solution is to put in those planters in the center of the street like they do in North St. Louis neighborhoods that force people to slow down and go around them.

  2. My modest proposal: Cut-through traffic speeding is at its worst when there is a train crossing Sutton near Greenwood.
    If the police are not otherwise busy when a train rumbles through, they should go to a likely spot and write some tickets . . . not to make Maplewood a speed trap, merely to enforce the speed limits to which we have all agreed and which are clearly posted.

    • Agree with Charles. Enforce the laws that are in place — vigorously and fairly.

  3. Based on the location odds are high that those speeders are other residents in Maplewood. Maybe it would help if we used that extra 400k lying around to re-examine the light timings on Manchester. Those lights could be a lot smarter. Speed bumps would help but would likely move the speeders to another street nearby.

  4. How about installing speed bumps on Marietta? How about posting a speed limit sign on Marshall? (I may be wrong, but I don’t think there is one there now.) How about ticketing drivers on Marshall who block intersecting streets, so that us locals can at least get out in the morning?

        • Those are speed tables. Plain ole concrete speed bumps are different and a little more of a problem. Would you want an emergency vehicle to have to deal with a giant speed bump?

  5. We have speeders on our block of Flora also (between Sutton and Big Bend) and lots of kids.
    I was very happy to see a Maplewood policeman with a speed gun pulling people over and giving them tickets.
    The mobile speed register is helpful, but having our Policemen give out tickets more often would help out more.
    Thank you Maplewood Police!

    • I get up early and hear them racing up and down Flora (between Sutton and Big Bend). It was nice seeing a policeman pulling them over and giving tickets. I drive the speed limit and can’t tell you how often someone rides my bumper. It would be nice to see those who are doing at least 45 mph get a nice big ticket.

  6. They also speed all the way up and down Marshall from Manchester to Maple. This is a major short-cut during rush hours for people who are not local residents, and sometimes it is nearly impossible to get off my own block. It also makes dog walking dangerous because the drivers definitely do speed. I’m the crazy guy out there telling people to slow down!