Penzeys Spices in Maplewood moves to temporary location

Beginning Sunday, Nov 11 Penzeys Spices in Maplewood will operate out of a new temporary location — 7345 Manchester Road, across the street from their usual spot and two doors down from Schnucks (between Nu Fashion Beauty and Clarkson Eyecare), the store has announced.

It’s the planned location through the holidays while repair work continues following a fire above the store in the 7300 block of Manchester Road in August that caused smoke and water damage.

Paul Garver photo

Paul Garver photo

Paul Garver photo

7 thoughts on “Penzeys Spices in Maplewood moves to temporary location

  1. It’s actually more convenient, since parking on Manchester is difficult at best and for someone handicapped trying to dodge traffic whilst getting out of the car, it’s a nightmare.

  2. It’s good news for me. I am out of some of my spices I use in my chili and the weather is getting where I need to make a batch. Love their Ancho Chili Powder.

    • Their Medium Hot Chili Powder is amazing too. Just enough kick! It’s the reason I won a Chili cook off at work.

      • I may have to try that one out. I tend to just eat chili, not add a bunch of sour cream or even cheese or some other item like some folks do so if it has too much heat I don’t enjoy it very much. I really like chili in the winter and can eat it about 3 days in a row. Will have to get by there and try some of that.