Penzeys Spices offer to support asylum seekers brings a crowd to Maplewood

The long line at Penzeys Spices recently was for another one of the company’s free specials, which was, like others in the past, politically motivated.

They were waiting for a free ‘Embrace Hope’ box from Penzeys. The owner of Penzeys Spices, Bill Penzey, said on the company’s Facebook page the special is to support the asylum seekers and families being turned away and separated at the US borders by the current policies: “Today we celebrate the kindness, decency and humanity of those he [President Trump] continues to try to dehumanize with a free $31.95 value Embrace Hope box.”

Photos via Enjoy Maplewood on Facebook.

16 thoughts on “Penzeys Spices offer to support asylum seekers brings a crowd to Maplewood

  1. Maplewood needs something cooler. Like a beard store. Beards are cool, aren’t they?

  2. I’m a loyal supporter of Penzey’s and am happy to support the company (and what they stand for) by shopping there. The gift box they gave away was fantastic! Their Mexican vanilla extract is one of my favorite items and it was totally free. I will continue to spend my money at businesses who speak up for the rights of everyone. We’re lucky to live in an area with so many progressive business owners.

  3. I love supporting Penzeys and all they stand for. I too use my wallet, and that’s why I don’t shop at Walmart.

  4. What happened to that illegal that was hold up in the MPW church? Did he get deported?

  5. Dave, about the only difference between Penzey’s and a lot of other businesses is that the owner is pretty vocal about his views. as I see it. He does not leave it to doubt or make you wonder where he stands. Other business are not always so vocal. As for voting with you purse if you knew of some other business that you probably go to and what they support or don’t support you might not be able to do much shopping. You would have to do a deep dive to know some of the company policies on political and social topics to know where you want to shop. How you do that I am not totally sure but I am sure there is some place to do that. Penzey’s just does it for you.

  6. I was a regular customer of Penzeys for years making several purchases a month. I have not entered the store because of the owner’s strong political statements that were shared prior to the November 2016 election. I don’t miss Penzeys a bit, and have probably saved a lot of money purchasing spices in grocery stores. I vote with my purse.

    • You have inspired me to do the same, thank you. I have never been to this shop but will be going there now.

      • It’s a great store and Mr. Penzey’s has a great message. One of my favorite places.

        • Me too! Bill Penzey is about love and hope! Unfortunately, it has become political as so many horrendous things have been enacted under this presidency. Not a new thing for Penzeys company. Their business has increased many fold by addressing the concerns of his customers, workers, and the providers of his raw materials. He runs an international business and has many immigrant workers as well. It would be a sad day that he did not take the stand he has. He has experience. He knows about the tragedy of current policies. Good for him. LOTS of followers! (On the other hand, I not a fan of Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A because of their healthcare policies. The politically conscious know.)

            • I believe Chik-fil-A is one of the companies that refuses to carry insurance that covers birth control for their female employees. The owner also speaks out against LGBTQ rights. He is an evangelical who believes it is his job to tell others how they should live their lives. That’s why the restaurant isn’t open on Sundays.

    • Ditto on that! Bill Penzey made it clear how he felt if customers didn’t vote his way( bully) I don’t like being pushed around like that regardless of how I vote. So I found Savory Spice online! Fantastic products- better value and free samples! Better than Penzeys any day!