Pie Five Pizza shutters

Pie Five Pizza Pizza Co., which opened in the Menards development in Richmond Heights in July 2016, appears to have permanently closed.

Hand-lettered signs on both doors say: “We are closed”

A Penn Station sub employee, next door, said  Pie Five closed on Thursday last week. According to Google, the Richmond Heights location and the one in Chesterfield are both permanently closed.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the company is in legal and financial trouble.

In March the source reported Pie Five closed nine restaurants in Chicago and Minnesota amid a lawsuit from a franchisee who claims the company provided misleading information about sales and profitability, also, a franchisee of locations in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa has sued the chain over disclosures regarding sales and profits.


7 thoughts on “Pie Five Pizza shutters

  1. When I went there, they accidentally gave my pizza away, and the manager knowingly tried to settle it with my husband instead — while ignoring me. I’m surprised they lasted this long.

  2. Tried a few times. Was OK. Nothing extrodinary. So much for the points I’ve since collected.

  3. The whole five minute pizza fad is pretty dumb, but Mod Pizza is much better than Pie Five was so no surprise.

  4. Good riddance. I tried their pizza a couple times – very subpar compared to all the other options out there. Didn’t care for the “magic dust” they would sprinkle on it either…