Police substation opens at Lowe’s

On Tuesday the Maplewood Lowe’s Store held a dedication for a new Maplewood Police substation, according to a post on Facebook.

The new substation will provide an office for police officers for completing reports, while offering onsite police assistance to the store, patrons and the business community.


Also — As part of the planned Mid County Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Spirit Week, March 20-24, an event is planned to honor First Responders (Police and Fire) in Maplewood and Richmond Heights. Look for an event on March 21 from 8-9 a.m. at Citizens National Bank. Tim Hortons will provide donuts and coffee.

11 thoughts on “Police substation opens at Lowe’s

  1. 2 (or more) cops sitting inside TwinPeaks (front door) every time I’ve been…

  2. I PUT ONUS ON ELECTED OFFICIALS IN B’wd, RH, AND M’wd WHO LOOK AT THE OVER GROWTH OF THEIR COMMERCE (using TIF’s –and supposedly lowering taxes —at WHAT community security expense) ==and i will start with the BRENTWOOD MAYOR CHRIS THORNTON. ****this is NOT BRAIN SURGERY****It is feckless authority with no understanding of what “GREED” MEANS. NO—I AM NOT SORRY PROCLAIMING THAT THERE MAU BE MORE KING WHO HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD THEY ARE PARADING NAKED. Where are the PEOPLE???????????

  3. I am frustrated at the failure of “over-grower” merchant chains to be seen at the local governmental level. LET WM AND LOWES (AND MENARS) do their own security. I promise their growth will slow when the locals stop picking up the SECURITY BILLS…. The same way these mega-corps took TIF’s—–CHARGE BY THE INCIDENT AN EXCISE TAX TO COMPENSATE THE POLICE AND THE CITIZENS. Very bothered by the inducement of corp. TIF’s that suck up local resources.

  4. I’m just tired as a Maplewood resident seeing our police constantly up at the WalMart store. How much tax revenue do they bring into the city and is it enough to justify the near constant Maplewood police presence?

  5. I think its a great idea. Since there is much activity at Walmart and the surrounding stores, they will be within arms length to deal with those incidents. Working in an a commercial environment for years with a security or police presence in the store, I found that did little to deter the thieves, and more often than not, were not much more successful than when the local police department was contacted. I think being as close as they are will be an asset and certainly make customers shopping in the area more comfortable.

  6. Really? This should be located at Wally’s next door. Maybe then the shoplifting and other crimes will diminish. Not too many people walking out with 2x4s or sinks last I checked…

    • You got that right. Once again the great powers in charge of Maplewood goof up again.

      • If the business has to co-operate in offering space then it probably is not that simple. Getting Wal-Mart to do something would be like pulling teeth. I bet Lowe’s was much more cooperative.

      • Article: Walmart’s Out-of-Control Crime Problem Is Driving Police Crazy. WalMart won’t accept police substations in their stores unless they absolutely need to. I’m guessing Lowes was much more open. http://bloom.bg/2b0lDdh

        • Great article that really highlights the deep problems that Wal-mart has. MW needs to consider taken similar actions and fine them for every police call above some reasonable limit. As the article states most thieves and criminals know Wally is theirs for the taking and provides a ready playground for illicit activity.

  7. This is great to have visibility at Lowe’s. Hopefully you will have one patrol car outside. Lowe’s is my favorite store and now it will be even better if possible. Good luck to the officers who are assigned to the store.