Postcards to Alabama

Every table at Stone Spiral Coffee House, in Maplewood, was filled Sunday afternoon with folks writing postcards to registered voters in Alabama. The group is hoping that their postcards will convince voters in the state to come out in the planned special election, to elect Doug Jones (Dem) and defeat Roy Moore (Rep) in the race to fill the vacant United States senator seat.

An organizer at Stone Spiral said more than 2,500 postcards have been mailed from St. Louis in the past weeks.


11 thoughts on “Postcards to Alabama

  1. Aaahhhhhhh. And we, the people, continue to stand up and speak up. We are living in very interesting times in these United States of America.

  2. I take my hat off to all of these wonderful folks who are trying to make this world a better place!

    • I agree that it is commendable. Question, who is the “organizer” mentioned in Doug Miner’s post? Is there a name or a group affiliated with this effort?

      • MJA-
        Indivisible St Louis organized this Get Out the Vote (GOTV) action last Sunday at Stone Spiral. We are working with an organization called Postcards to Voters, a group of volunteers across America who handwrite and mail election reminders to voters in key races.
        Indivisible St Louis is hosting another postcard writing party THIS Sunday (December 3rd, 2:30-4:30). Please join us! We provide pens, postcards, addresses, scripts, and (while supplies last), stamps.
        If you aren’t able to join us, text HELLO to 484-ASK-ABBY to get the process started on your own.

  3. Anonymous, seemingly pro Roy Moore commenters:

    I would invite you to take a browse through the FEC filings I link to below and see where the donors are for this race. You’ll see many large donations from places other than Alabama.
    That’s not to mention the millions of dollars in dark money from organizations around the country being funneled into Moore’s campaign.

    This is not a phenomenon unique to this race or this candidate.

    As others have pointed out already, the U.S. Senate makes decisions that have impact on the lives of all Americans. You and I are affected by legislation passed by Congress. You and I are affected by the confirmation of Federal level appointments in the courts and elsewhere.

    Those with the money to buy influence know that one vote in the U.S. Senate can be the difference between their interests being served or not.

    Now, I don’t have the ability to write 2,700 maximum contribution checks to every congressperson. Not many people do. What I can do is write a postcard to a registered Democratic voter in another state, humbly asking for them to make a plan to vote in their special election on December 12th.

    The pictures on this story show a room full of people joining together to build community and act for a cause they believe in, all while supporting a great local business. I don’t find that worthy of scorn. Follow the money upwards if you want to find the real “disgusting interlopers”.

  4. I live in Alabama and I am so grateful for these efforts. The person who wins on December 12th will represent Alabama, but his presence in the US Senate will affect all Americans.

  5. Why should Missourians try to influence an Alabama election? Are we “Russians” influencing someones democratic process. It is up to the citizens of that State to vote as they please. It is none of our business, or do you feel you are all knowing and worthy of giving your unsolicited uber knowledge to the uneducated masses. What a disgusting bunch of interlopers!

    • Alabama’s special election will put someone in the U.S. Senate, which ultimately will affect everyone in our country. The fact this creep is even on the ballot proves that those good folks down there need a little encouragement.