Pottery, plants stolen off Richmond Heights business front lot

Someone has been stealing items from off the front lot of Garden Heights Nursery after hours — as least a handful of times, tree and shrub manager Steve Roesch told KPLR, which reported on Tuesday that another theft had taken place.

Decorative pottery, topiary, evergreens and soils have disappeared from the lot on Big Bend in Richmond Heights in the past few weeks.

Large pieces of terra cotta pottery have been stolen, costing up to $199. “It’s a pretty hefty price tag on that. And then a pretty big loss for us,” Roesch told KPLR. He estimates the total loss at least $2,000.

Richmond Heights police are investigating.

6 thoughts on “Pottery, plants stolen off Richmond Heights business front lot

  1. Disappointing and unacceptable. We all pay for thefts from businesses. I wouldn’t have thought that the criminal element would be interested in gardening products. I guess I’m naive.

  2. Blaming the theft of plants on protest is pretty naive. We all have the right to protest. Read the constitution.

  3. Shame how the neighborhood has been going downhill since the protests started at the Galleria Mall.

  4. This makes me sad. As a nearby neighbor, I will be vigilant in reporting any after-hours activity that appears suspicious and would call on others to do the same.

    Garden Heights Nursary is a wonderful businesss in our community.