Puppy stolen at adoption event

A puppy was stolen at an adoption event at the Brentwood PetSmart store on Saturday, KSDK reported.

The animal rescue group, All New Hope Rescue, is looking for three men accused of stealing a beagle-mix puppy from the Brentwood store. The group posted notice of the theft, with a photo of the puppy, on Facebook.

According to the report, a man ran out of the store with the dog under his coat after being turned down for an adoption then jumped into a white or silver Impala and took off.

If you have information in this case, you can send an email to allnewhope@yahoo.com.

Puppy stolen from the Brentwood PetSmart, via Facebook

2 thoughts on “Puppy stolen at adoption event

  1. I was here when this happened. It was two men and a woman, not three men. And the man didn’t run out of the store; it was so casual that no one even noticed him walking out except for the shopper who reported it to the volunteers.

    • He was with the woman when they walked out. The third guy was waiting for them near the entrance.