Raising Cane’s set to open in June

Maplewood Raising Cane’s construction manager, Jerry McClain, said by email on Thursday that the opening date for the new restaurant is June 6.

The new Raising Cane’s is at 2707 S. Big Bend Boulevard, at Manchester Road.

Concrete is poured at Raising Cane’s on Thursday.

Robert Chandler photo

13 thoughts on “Raising Cane’s set to open in June

  1. Time will tell whether or not Raising Cane’s thrives. Each of us votes with our business, or not.

  2. I disagree. Talk a walk along Manchester and Sutton. You’ll find lots of variety.

    • Mary, you are correct. Downtown Maplewood has a wide variety of restaurants, many of which include healthy options. However, the Big Bend / Manchester intersection, which is somewhat of an “entrance” to Maplewood for out-of-town folks, is beginning to resemble an intersection out in West County (e.g. Clarkson / Manchester) with an abundance of chain restaurants. Not the best image for the town, in my opinion. Thank goodness for our charming downtown area.

      • I share the lack of enthusiasm for Raising Cane’s. Unfortunately, a chain/large corporation was very likely the only kind of business that could afford the expense of removing the underground fuel tanks from the old Shell station in order to repurpose the lot.

        • Yes, unfortunately the lot that was the former shell station was owned privately and could sell to the highest bidder. Maplewood cannot control who buys it, and Raising Canes chicken was willing to fork out $ 1.5 million for that prime real eastate on the corner. If it wasnt Raising Canes it would have been some other big chain who has that kind of money. Chicken or no chicken, unfortunately money talks!!

          • Darn capitalism, always getting in the way. Those pesky privately owned lots, damn them all!

  3. White Castle, Gus’s Chicken, KFC, Porters and now Canes. This will cement MPW’s status as the grease pit of the metro area…

    • Schlafly, Blue Duck, Maya’s, Bolyard’s, Booglaoo, Acero, Muddled Pig, Reeds, Water Street, Kakao, Foundations Grounds, Crows Nest, Boardwalk Waffles, Side Project, Pie o My, Strange…….what am I missing……These all cement Maplewood’s status as one of the best dining/foodie destinations in the region…….