Resident commissions Artists First artists to paint sunflowers on her fence

Artists from Artists First were commissioned by Maplewood resident Mary Taylor to paint a mural of sunflowers on a portion of her backyard fence.

Artists at the Artists First studio, collaborated on the design including composition, colors and techniques. The painting is in progress.

Artists First Executive Director Sheila Suderwalla said the project has been a rewarding experience for the artists.

“Participating in the larger community is important to some of our marginalized artists such as those with disabilities. The mural project is another way that our artists are able to increase their earning capacity and another way to showcase their talents,” she said.

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4 thoughts on “Resident commissions Artists First artists to paint sunflowers on her fence

  1. I had this idea after visiting Artists First STL, seeing their gallery, their public projects. I love Maplewood and I love the peace of my back yard. Putting the two together was just the seed of an idea. Then they developed a plan and are bringing it to full bloom! They are great to have around and I loved meeting the artists who are bringing my back yard to life. I encourage everyone to visit this Maplewood gem and to meet the artists and staff, especially Sheila Suderwalla. More to come. Can I post a picture here?

    • Mary, you can email your photos to dougminer1 and I’ll post it. Thanks, Doug

  2. Very nice! I would love Artists First to paint a mural on the back of Schlafly’s building.

  3. That’s a neat project. I hope you get a couple of pictures of the finished project to share with us.

    While I go back and forth on painting on brick I do like some of the paintings that we see on the sides of the buildings in the Grove area. I have thought the wall along Citizen’s National Bank Park could use a neat painting there to enliven the park setting.