Resident finds1901 Maplewood license plate in backyard

A Maplewood resident on Marietta Avenue has been searching his yard with a metal detector, and recently found an old license tag and two quarters from the early 1900s.

Greg Lappin found a 1901 Maplewood license tag and the quarters in a corner of his yard, where he said a “Model A garage” once stood. He said it can be seen in a 1955 aerial photograph, found on the St. Louis County website.

The quarters are: a 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter, and a 1903 Barber Quarter, named after the department of treasury designer who designed it. He said the Barber Quarter in perfect condition with a San Fransisco mint stamp goes for $4,000; he said his would probably go for less.

Greg Lappin

22 thoughts on “Resident finds1901 Maplewood license plate in backyard

  1. Doug Houser – are there still copies of Maplewood, the first 100 Years still available?? We sold them like hotcakes a couple years ago until we ran out, and have contacted the Chamber to get more but they told us they no longer had any for sale. We would LOVE to get more copies so we can sell them. I get requests every week for the book, but have been unable to locate.

    Michelle Barron
    The Book House
    7352 Manchester Rd.
    Maplewood, MO 63143

    • The Maplewood Library has 2 copies of The First 100 Years available for checkout. Not quite the same as having you own copy, I know.

  2. You folks need to pick up a copy of my 2008 book called “the first 100 years” Maplewood, Missouri. Now available only at the Chamber of Commerce office on Sutton. On page 21 is a photograph of an auto tag like Greg found only this one was issued in 1919. Greg’s would not be 1901 because Maplewood became a city in May of 1908. The original Maplewood subdivision which predates the city of Maplewood included the streets south of the 7300 block of Manchester all the way to Flora including Maple, Marietta Hazel, and Myrtle. The Maple Lawn subdivision was west of Sutton. East of Marshall is Frazier Park. Greenwood was originally meant to be a separate town. Doug Houser

  3. What part of Maplewood is the original historic part? Where we live south of Greenwood, there are a number of older homes and some newer. Our home is from 1914, another in the neighborhood is from before the civil war.

    • Per the 1982 national register of historic places survey the historic district for Maplewood is Manchester rd (Sutton to Marshall) Marietta ave , & Myrtle ave Sutton & Marshall .

  4. Greg ~ Could you take a close-up of the damaged numeral in question and send it in? Congrats on this cool find!

  5. This may very well have been a “souvenir” from somebody’s trip to ANOTHER Maplewood in another State.. There is a Maplewood in Minnesota, and I believer there is/was one in New Jersey.

    • Yeah & they buried it in my backyard where the gravel driveway was . Our house was built in 1897. People need to understand the difference between historic Maplewood . We are on one of those steeets .

      • There is no need to have your feeling hurt Greg. People are just trying to give you idea’s about other possibilities. It’s hard to believe for people since Maplewood was not a city in 1901. Just as your mind is set that it is indeed what you say it is doesn’t mean that there isn’t another explanation. Not to mention, none of us lived back then and have you been in an area before and during an incorporation? I haven’t and don’t know what occurs in the year up to a “city” becoming a City. If you didn’t want others opinions then you shouldn’t have called Doug.

        • Mike, Greg didn’t call me. I walked by when he was in his yard and was nosy.

          • Fellings aren’t my hurt lol ! Sorry if you took it the wrong way . It makes sense to me that ut would be from 1921 however it looks like 01. I’ll send anyone who would like to check it out a pic . I didn’t go to Doug

      • I’m thinking it might have just dropped off the car, while it was parked in the drive way…..not necessarily been buried there….

  6. This was the same as a city sticker. Small towns and villages could and did have a local tax on cars, wagons, livestock etc. Just remember, taxs came first then the city’s. As our city’s go by the wayside you will still have taxes. We have to pay for all the things we don’t use and don’t need.

  7. There wouldn’t have been very many cars around in 1901, that is for sure, because Ford didn’t start mass production of the Model-T until 1908. If it really is from 1901 it would have been a pricey car for that time. I am not sure why the City of St. Louis would produce a tax tag for a city that didn’t even exist. I could see them saying we will give you a city of St. Louis tag if you want to drive in the city.

  8. That’s what I thought & your correct. After I cleaned the tag off I did a little digging online & found that the city of St. Louis issued tax tags (just like this ) starting in 1901. The tag definitely says 1901 no mistake . I would like did know if Doug H knows anything .

  9. How can there be a City of Maplewood tag from 1901 when Maplewood wasn’t incorporated until 1906?