Resident wants Charter to clean up tangle of wires; Update: it’s done

Brentwood resident Barry Williams wants what he calls an “an unsightly mess of cable TV wires” on S. Brentwood Boulevard to be cleaned up. He’s guessing it belongs to Charter Communications, and not the phone company. Update: his crusade was successful.

Williams emailed to Brentwood Alderman Brnadon Wegge (with 40 South copied) on May 11: Good news! Charter has cleaned its tangle of cable-TV wires near O. B. Clark’s.  The aerial eyesore has been eliminated and our city looks a bit nicer as a result.

(No photo of the cleaned up mess yet.)

The tangle is hanging near a pole on S. Brentwood Boulevard across from O. B. Clark’s about 20 feet off the ground.

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Williams says companies like Charter have franchise agreements with the city which allow them to place their cables in the city’s right-of-way, so he hopes the city has  authority to compel the owner of this mess to clean it up. He’s contacted Brentwood Ward 2 aldermen Sunny Sims and Brandon Wegge about it.

“But in the absence of such authority, I hope the city will ask the guilty party to ‘be a good corporate citizen and do the right thing’ and clean it up,” he says.

Update: A 40 South reader who identified herself as the AT&T engineer for this area went see the wires, and said they don’t belong to AT&T.

The mess of cables across from O. B. Clark’s




2 thoughts on “Resident wants Charter to clean up tangle of wires; Update: it’s done

  1. Might want to also check with AT&T since I know they’re adding fiber in the area. I had a similar rats nest in front of my house when they were doing that work in my area.