RH church honors first responders

The Richmond Heights church, Church of the Living God, held a service for first responders Sunday afternoon at The Heights. Richmond Heights firefighters, EMS and police officers attended, as well as the church members.

Church leader, Elder Robert Caruth Jr., said before the service that first responders are the biblical model of what service is about — daily sacrifice, to give of their time and talent. “They sacrifice their lives for us, to minister our community,” he said.

Caruth preached about the prophet Elisha. “He was a first responder. He responded to a woman’s son who had a sun stroke, and he began to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and brought that young man back to life,” he said.

He said in the climate we live in today, with some of the unrest that’s going on between community and police, the church has got to be their buttress.

Church of the Living God Elder Robert Caruth Jr.

Church of the Living God Elder Robert Caruth Jr.

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