Richmond Heights donates used playground equipment to international group

The city of Richmond Heights is renovating Highland Park, and donating the old playground equipment to a group that reuses it to establish playgrounds in “poverty-stricken communities,” according to the group’s website.

Highland Park in Richmond Heights is being renovated, and the used playground equipment is being donated. photo via Google Maps

8 thoughts on “Richmond Heights donates used playground equipment to international group

  1. Would you rather a good playground be sent to the landfill? If an organization has found a way to connect both someone to give them a used playground and someone who would like one it sounds like a good thing to me.

  2. Who cares if it a Christian organization? Would it be better if it were a satanic/demonic organization?

    • Come on now, those are not the only 2 options, and lot of people care if our city is donating property to organizations that aim to indoctrinate children around the world.

  3. It’s a great thing that it is to be to be donated to anyone who can use it, especially to communities with few resources

  4. Ah! Great! I guess there are no public-supported entities around the St Louis area that could use the equipment, so the city of RH will send it off to a Christian aid organization who will ship it overseas to some “deserving” poverty-stricken region! Aww, so sweet Richmond Heights citizenry!

    • (…not that the children in poverty-stricken areas overseas do not deserve it….)

    • The video states that the play structure will be refurbished and further that: “Since recycled play structures can only be used in international projects, we know the children enjoying our playground are somewhere in another country.”

      I suspect this is a result of local zoning ordinances and/or some federal safety regulations for children’s play equipment.

      The organization is called Kids Around the World, and the website is I’m not sure it’s accurate to call it an “international group” — the international office is in Rockford, Illinois. But they do admit to being a “Christian organization.”