Richmond Heights fire chief named

The Richmond Heights Fire Department on Thursday announced on Facebook that interim chief, Steve Carman, has been officially promoted to fire chief.

Carman was promoted to interim chief in June when former chief, Kerry Hogan, retired after 38 years of service. Carman was a battalion chief before being named interim chief. He has been with the Richmond Heights Fire Department for 27 years.

The department congratulated Carman on Facebook: “Congratulations to Steve Carman on your official promotion to Fire Chief. It is well deserved and we couldn’t be happier. You have taught us a lot over the years and we look forward to you leading us for years to come.”


Retiring Richmond Heights Fire Chief Kerry Hogan (right) shakes hands with Interim Fire Chief Steve Carman when he was promoted to interim chief in June. via Facebook


4 thoughts on “Richmond Heights fire chief named

  1. Promoting from within is the only way to go. Why go outside when you have someone qualified with years of experience. Morale is a really big deal in the fire department. Why have a good man and then go outside and hire someone who turns out to be a jerk and is unprofessional and the Morale starts to slip and the next thing is good officers and firefighters start retiring or us find another depth. Then what you may have is rookie right out of the academy with no or little experience. This is a good reason to retain the experience.

  2. As Doug Miner stated, it’s Richmond Heights not Brentwood!!! They don’t have the adminstrative or board problems like Brentwood does.

  3. Typical. Brentwood promoting top officials from within only perpetuates the corruption. With his 27 years in their government nothing will change… Next time they try to float another tax or bond issue for fire protection be aware.