Parents’ group donates diverse books to Richmond Heights Public Library

A local parent group, The Book Project, has donated a collection of picture books to the Richmond Heights Memorial Library. This collection features a diverse array of characters from various ethnicities.

Characters also represent a wide array of physical and sensory disabilities. Among the authors included in the collection are several nationally recognized award-winners such as Julius Lester and Grace Lin, plus additional emerging children’s book authors, and even a local author.

“There is a group of moms in the community (many of which are MRH ECC parents) that are working on a project to donate children’s books that feature characters/protagonists with diverse backgrounds (people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants/refugees) and/or have themes of inclusion/social justice to area libraries.” –Noah Briscoe of The Book Project

The Book Project has put together a brochure stating their mission of fostering inclusion by sharing diverse literature with young children and featuring the books titles. This brochure, Stories With Diverse Titles to Share With Your Preschooler, is available in the Children’s Library at the Richmond Heights Memorial library.

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