Richmond Heights pastor Etta Dora Bell dies

Etta Dora Bell, pastor of First Church of God, in Richmond Heights for more than 10 years, died Oct. 14. She was 73.

From First Church of God Facebook

From First Church of God Facebook

Bell was born in Egypt, Mississippi, the sixth of 13 children. She left Mississippi for St. Louis when she was 18, where she married and started a family, according to an obituary on the William-James Mortuary website.

She earned a degree in cosmetology and opened Etta’s Beauty Salon, which was a success for many years.

Before becoming pastor of First Church of God she was pastor of Church of God Community Worship Center and of New Beginnings Church of God.

A funeral service was held October 20, 2015 at First Church of God.

Read the full obituary on the William-James Mortuary website.

3 thoughts on “Richmond Heights pastor Etta Dora Bell dies

  1. I drove by the church that morning after leaving the Heights, and wondered who the person was who was so honored by the Richmond Heights community. Am so grateful to learn, via this most useful community-based site. I could feel the love and respect honoring this beloved minister. I feel privileged to be part of this historic community.

    • I honestly couldn’t tell you what drove me to Google her name, but her I am. This beautiful woman was grandmother. It doesn’t matter if she knew people by name or just met them in the grocery store, you always felt loved in her presence. She was such an amazing woman and if you were ever ask me to summarize the influence and amazing impact she had on my life….well, it would just simply be impossible–and that’s no exaggeration. I guess my biggest mistake was forgetting that she was human, she was like a Super Woman! But now that she is gone I am slowly learning to stand on my own two feet and carry on the legacy she’s left for me and my family. Still, my life won’t EVER be the same without her, but I pray that God strengthens me to be as great of a woman in life as she was in hers.
      ” Yes, God is real. He’s real in my soul. Yes, God is real. For he has washed and made whole. His love for me, is like pure gold. Yes, God is real! For I can feel….Him in my soul!”
      One of her many favorite songs.

      • Thanks for sharing Britney! Sorry for your loss and grateful for the wonderful memories you have. ((hugs))