Richmond Heights Police officers promoted

According to the city of Richmond Heights, Police Major Doug Schaeffler was promoted to chief of police on April 10 after serving as interim chief. Roy Wright retired as chief in December.

Schaeffler promoted Captain Craig Mueller to major/ assistant chief on April 12, and  Detective Sergeant Gerry Rohr to captain on April 14. The department will begin the process of filling the vacancies left by the promotions.

Richmond Heights Police Major Doug Schaeffler (center) was promoted to Police Chief. Captain Craig Mueller (left) was promoted to Major/ Asst. Chief. Detective Sergeant Gerry Rohr (right) was promoted to Captain. 

2 thoughts on “Richmond Heights Police officers promoted

  1. So can I. Three great guys that have been with RH for a long time. Three dedicated Police Officers who drive by my family’s home at night to make sure all is OK. Three Police Officers who come when called no matter what to help you in any way possible. RH is blessed with such a great group of First Responders. You must have the Best to stay First! RH is both as I see it, First and the Best. Bravo Mayor and Council for a first class choice.