Charity ride aims for $10k for local nonprofit

Dr. William Madosky, area chiropractor and avid biker, is planning a two-day, 186-mile solo ride on the KATY Trail to raise money for a Maplewood non-profit.

Madosky is planning the ride for Labor Day weekend — Sedalia to Jefferson City on Friday and Jefferson City to Creve Coeur Lake on Saturday.

Last year he rode 100 miles in one day, raising about $4,000 for Artists First, in Maplewood. This year a donor has agreed to match everything raised up to $5,000, so Madosky hopes to make it a total of $10,000 for the charity — giving himself the extra challenge of a two-day, 186-mile ride.

“This is the season for these large charity events,” Madosky said. “Even though Artists First is tiny, what I will generate for Artists First will go much further. If you’re going to donate, donate to us first.”

He said he’s already raised $1,400.

According to its website, Artists First is: “a nonprofit organization that provides aspiring artists of all abilities access to quality materials, expansive studio space, respectful guidance, and a friendly, supportive community. At Artists First, individuals are offered a platform to grow through creative self-expression socially, intellectually and emotionally.

There are three ways to donate:

  1. Make a check to Artists First and take it to Madosky’s office at 2175 Big Bend Boulevard
  2. Use the link at the Artists First website
  3. Use the link on Madosky’s Facebook page




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