Rivera withdraws from Olympic trials

Sophia Rivera, the Brentwood javelin thrower who qualified for the USA Track and Field Olympic Trials with a throw of 180 feet, 4 inches at Brentwood, “tweaked” her elbow at the Missouri state meet and has decided to withdraw from the trials, her mother, Michelle Hassemer, reported on Facebook on June 19.

“It’s bittersweet – Sophia tweaked her elbow back at the state meet and it has been healing way better than expected. It was a difficult decision, and I’m very proud that after consulting with the NSAF medical staff she decided to withdraw from the Olympic trials next month. Sophia doesn’t want to risk serious injury by competing before she is 100% ready. Tokyo2020… Here we come!!!” Hassemer said.

Her father, Edwin Rivera, commented: “It’s all good. She will have a chance to heal 100% before she gets back on the runway.”

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rivera suffered a small tear in her ulnar collateral ligament about a month ago. It was small enough not to require surgery — only rest and rehabilitation. To speed the healing she was given an injection of platelet-rich plasma. It helped, but not fast enough for her to go to the trials in Eugene. The Post-Dispatch also reported that Rivera and her parents will still go to the trials as spectators.

2 thoughts on “Rivera withdraws from Olympic trials

  1. Such a Star and she has made the correct decision. By withdrawing from the trials proves she is not a selfish you lady. Going to Badger Land will excite the University as she has excited Brentwood. In 2020 she will be healed and much stronger and has a great future. Hang in there Sophia you have not disappointed anyone including yourself.

  2. It takes a great deal of determination to withdraw and I’m proud of Miss Rivera for making such a difficult decision. All best wishes for a total healing and strength…best wishes for her next undertaking.