Roadwork all over Maplewood: just one is a city project

Of all the roads now under construction in Maplewood, just one is a city of Maplewood project. That’s Roseland Terrace, and it’s scheduled to be done in the next week or two, city director of public works, Anthony Traxler, said Friday.

He said MO American Water has had numerous roads under construction for months. A water company crew member on Lyndover Place said Friday that the water mains are being replaced, with the mains for each building being connected.

The work adding a turning lane and new sidewalk at S. Big Bend Boulevard and Manchester Road is a St. Louis County job.

Traxler emphasized that these two are not city of Maplewood projects. He also said both have exceeded their scheduled completion dates.

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The project managers for both have been contacted for the most up to date status.

MO American Water crew works on Lyndover Place

A new main runs from the new water main on Lyndover Pl to an apartment building


12 thoughts on “Roadwork all over Maplewood: just one is a city project

  1. I am so thank I only work near Maplewood and dont live there. I truly dont know what I would do if I lived on one of the many affected streets. The fact that city of Maplewood along with the county and their vendors have allowed this to continue is shameful.

  2. MSD finally finished their big sewer project on Belleview, Oakview, Gayola, Bruno, and Alameda earlier this year after close to two years of work. No sooner they patched the streets up and the water company came in and dug it all out again, at least on Lyndover / Oakview.

  3. Take note of where complaints in the above comments are going. Contact your city administrators, county administrators and MO American Water admin. if you have complaints. They’re the ones spending our tax dollars.

  4. My water flow has been reduced. I’d like to know when it will be back to normal. The flow to the toilet and the kitchen sink are especially annoying.

  5. I’d like to know when Sarah Ave will be completed. Half the road lengthwise is 2 to 4 inches below the other side. It’s been since April or May that this has been going on. Nothing is done for weeks at a time. Expensive equipment is left sitting for long periods of time. Who contracted this? They should be fired. And when it snows? What then?

  6. I live on the one-way portion of Maple. Not only has our street been dug up and covered in dust and gravel since April, but Big Bend narrows to one lane at the top of our street. Getting out at any time of the day is really difficult. The contractors, who are very rarely doing any work, park machines on our street and leave them for the weekend. Many houses don’t have driveways, meaning we have to park far from our houses when construction equipment is in the way. And the worst part? Having to look at these guys’ trucks that are covered in gross, sexist stickers. Real nice for my two daughters to have to pass by on their way in and out of the house. Can’t the city deal with some of this?!

  7. Can’t Maplewood advocate for us with the County? Big Bend turn lane back ups are ridiculous at this point. Or, who should we call?

  8. It is truly mind-blowing that these projects have been allowed to remain this far behind. The turn lane project by the CVS actually is comical at this point. Somebody is being plunked.

    • My son was home visiting from college last weekend. When we drove by Manchester and BB he said “they are still working on this? they have been working on this since i was in high school!” lol……he is only a freshman, but it was still pretty funny comment at the time.

  9. They have road work all over Maplewood. Some of it not finished. Left undone. Can’t wait for all of these to be done