Rock Hill officer hit by car, suffered multiple injuries; driver sentenced

On February 7, 2016, in the 800 block of Tavalon Avenue, Deandre Blevins, 23, struck a Rock Hill police officer with his car and fled. He was sentenced Friday to 20 years imprisonment on multiple counts, according to a statement by St. Louis County Police.

According to the statement, Rock Hill officer Sperber responded to the scene for a call regarding possible drug use in a car parked on Travalon. Sperber saw a Pontiac with no front license plate.

Witnesses said they saw the officer approach the Pontiac from the front. Blevins accelerated and hit the officer, who was thrown onto the hood into the windshield and over the vehicle. Officer Sperber suffered a chipped elbow, a fractured orbital, three bruised ribs and a skull fracture resulting in bleeding on the brain.

Blevins continued to flee westbound on Manchester losing control and striking a utility pole near Dickson Avenue. He was removed from the car by the Kirkwood Fire Department.

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